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You wouldn’t think a major city so close to some of the world’s greatest vineyards would be lacking for lounges, and lounges in San Francisco would agree that’s a ridiculous thing to think. Much like its mélange of people, the SF lounge scene is a crazy quilt of mixology and meat market, dirty dive and diamond-coated divan.

An eclectic creative crowd heads to the DJ and art lounges in SoMa, often steps away from trendy yuppies chilling at the new wine lounges that keep popping up in this formerly industrial part of town, while cocktail buffs know The Mission is always a good spot to drop in on someone who can make a proper martini – second only perhaps to The Tenderloin in this respect.

The Marina is well-known as the location of the preppier party in the city, and SF lounges in the Marina certainly don’t buck that trend, although that doesn’t mean the dapper clientele doesn’t get just as rowdy at the bars and clubs after they leave the chichi Marina lounges.

Gay lounges, of course, are easy to find in the welcoming arms of The Castro, which tends to be a chill neighborhood that everyone can enjoy, while Downtown San Francisco lounges are an easy choice for anyone looking to hook up with a successful young professional. No matter the neighborhood, lounges in SF are liberally spread all over town.

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