Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival Arts Festival / Food & Drink Event / Music Festival / Wine Festival Every year in August

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival - Arts Festival | Food & Drink Event | Music Festival | Wine Festival in San Francisco.
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The Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival – more commonly referred to as just Outside Lands – is an annual music festival held in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park that features a huge assortment of live music, often from... ... read more

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    Golden Gate Park

    Between Stanyan Street to the east
    and Great Highway to the west,
    and Fulton Street to the north
    and Lincoln Way to the south
    San Francisco, CA 94118

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Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival Videos

Muse - Knights of Cydonia - August 13, 2011 - Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival
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Muse - Knights of Cydonia - August 13, 2011 - Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival 973 views
Bassnectar at Outside Lands Music Festival 2010 HD 29,580 views
Devendra Banhart - Shabop Shalom (Live: Outside Lands 2008) 25,890 views
Phish-Outside Lands Music Festival 8/12/2011-2001-Chaulkdust 982 views
Outside Lands Music Festival - Radiohead - Reckoner (Live) 1,075 views
DEADMAU5 INTERVIEW At Outside Lands Music Festival 5,970 views
Cake- Say it All @Outside Lands Music Festival 1,669 views
Dave Chappelle at Outside Lands 8-12-2011.MOV 1,562 views
"On & On" Performance by Erykah Badu 120 views
Journey Around Happy @ Outside Lands Music & Art Festival, 2009 351 views
Empire of the Sun- Standing on the Shore + Intro (Outside Lands Music Festival 8/15/10) 209 views
Jason Mraz - Butterfly (Live at Outside Lands Festival 2009) 16,956 views

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival Description

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival - Arts Festival | Food & Drink Event | Music Festival | Wine Festival in San Francisco.

The Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival – more commonly referred to as just Outside Lands – is an annual music festival held in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park that features a huge assortment of live music, often from more than 75 different performers.

Launched in 2008 and typically scheduled over the third or fourth weekend in August, Outside Lands has attracted more than 50,000 fans a day in recent years, and is usually streamed live on YouTube for those (apparently few people) who can’t make it to the park.

Visitors to Outside Lands can expect five stages packed with A-list talent over the course of three days, as well as up-and-coming musicians who have just begun to garner a solid following.

Previous Outside Land performers have included Pearl Jam, Incubus, Thievery Corporation, Tom Jones, Silversun Pickups, The National, Q-Tip, Built to Spill, Midnite, Kinky, Tea Leaf Green, Autolux, The Dodos, Los Campesinos!, Akron/Family, The Duke Spirit, Zee Avi, Blind Pilot, SambaDa, West Indian Girl, and hundreds more.

Music isn’t the only thing on offer during Outside Lands, which has also grown into quite the food and wine event as well. Attendees can expect to find a separate “wine lands” section of the park where they can sample a host of grapey goodness, as well as a sports lounge, an arcade/bar, and multiple food and art vendors.

The Outside Lands festival is also organized to be as eco-friendly as possible, with solar power stages, a refillable water program, a waste diversion program, a recycling program, and a bike valet parking program. Past years have also hosted workshops to educate about organic food and farming.

Outside Lands tickets often sell out well in advance, so it’s wise to grab yours as soon as possible A three-day pass to Outside Lands usually runs from around $160–$225, depending on how early you get it, while a single-day ticket is typically around $99.

Booze and food is extra during Outside Lands, and visitors can expect to spend around $10 for a meal and anywhere between $9 and $14 for booze…so pre-gaming might not be a bad idea.

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival User Comments

Gracie R. Jun 10, 2013
I attended Outside Lands in 2011 and it was just as incredible as I thought it'd be. As a Pacific Northwest native, it was fun to make the 10-hour drive down to San Fran with a group of friends and become acquainted with the city before the start of the festival. Then, once the festival got underway, things really began to pick up speed. After a windy, bumpy ride to Golden Gate Park, attendees came face to face with the beautiful scenery that the venue had to offer. Golden Gate Park looked like some odd sort of jungle, with a shady canopy to shade Outside Landers from the sun during the festival's daytime hours. Hoards of fans make their way through the park, journeying from stage to stage to catch the best of Outside Lands' musical roster. Music-wise, Outside Lands provided a diverse, eclectic group of artists that traveled from across the globe to be a part of this famed event. Big names included Foster the People, MGMT, The Shins, Deadmau5, Muse, The Black Keys, The Roots, Beirut, and Arcade Fire. In addition to watching these top-notch artists give outstanding live performances, Outside Lands filled every hour of its schedule with something fun for attendees to do -- gourmet food carts, several entertainment stations, and even a wine bar were distributed throughout the venue to ensure that festivalgoers had the times of their lives. All in all, the 2011 Outside Lands was a huge success and has continued to satisfy thousands of fans in the years since. With the 2013 lineup announced earlier this year, fans are itching to get back down to San Francisco to experience the newest and greatest that this festival can give to them.
Nikki L. May 23, 2013
Outside Lands is the greatest music festival I've ever seen. Everything -- from the lineup to the layout -- guarantees a good time. It's magical. Some highlights for me included getting crowd surfed through the Arctic Monkeys and totally thrashing it out for Ty Segall. The festival grounds are incredibly well organized, with clear signage pointing to any number of the huge bevy of zones created and imagined within the site. There are themed food areas, merch booths, even a massive wine-tasting tent. I don't know how they keep it relatively pristine over that whole three day period. (Granted, the bathrooms get funky, but it's a great inside joke everyone at the festival shares.) There are plenty of activities laid out for times between sets, and none of the stages overlap in audio in the least, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. The rolling hills and unique terrain make for great standing room and de facto sitting areas. You can nap somewhere quiet as easily as you can find a great vantage point to sit and listen from. Honestly, in all the music festivals I've gone to, the crowds at Outside Lands are without a doubt the the most friendly and down-to-earth. It's not so much a scene as Coachella, not nearly as dirty as FYF, and a lot more intense than SXSW. People aren't coming to be seen or discovered, they come to have a blast, and that attitude shows. Plus the weather in San Francisco in the summer is to die for. The nights get chilly, but everyone is so closely huddled together, you hardly notice. Another great perk of the area is the public transportation system, which runs late for the festival and is super efficient, clean, and easy to navigate. Overall, I would highly recommend giving Outside Lands a go, no matter where you live. Golden Gate Park is the perfect music festival venue, and all their lineups over the past few years have definitely been worth the trip. It's certainly an experience you don't want to miss out on.
MacKenzie G. Jan 3, 2013
When you're in Outside Lands, you find yourself in a place unique unto itself - a magical music kingdom, you could say. There is no limit to the amazing music you will hear, food you will taste (ahem...best sweet potato fries I've ever had were at this festival), and people you will encounter. The crowd at Outside Lands, though full of "hipsters" and Berkeley-esque hippies, was all about the music and the adventure. Unlike some music festivals whose audiences push their way to the front whether or nor this means rudely forcing their way there, those at Outside Lands displayed an attitude determined to make sure everyone had a good time - and as far as I saw this attitude was a success. When I attended it in August of 2011, there was no way to sufficiently express the incredible experience I had over the course of three days. Within Golden Gate Park hid a plethora of stages where performers from the soft spoken, gentle Wye Oak to the powerfully intense performance of Muse, to the high energy show put on by the Black Keys (foreshadowing their imminent breakthrough as the next White Stripes, or something better depending on who you ask). The city of San Francisco only added to the feeling that at any moment a character from Almost Famous might walk down the street, or the world would turn into a scene from Across the Universe. Yuppies and former hippies lines the streets of Haight Ashbury, downtown San Francisco bars kept the beats bumping from dusk until dawn, and more than a few incredible Thai restaurants stayed open all night for those craving a midnight meal after many hours of dancing, singing, and traversing the immense land over which the festival took place. I cannot recommend Outside Lands more highly. It is worth every dollar spent!
Charlotte A. Nov 30, 2012
Outside Lands music festival is very unique. It takes place in August yet San Francisco is cold, which is proves to have a different from other music festivals I've been to. You're all wrapped up in sweaters and blankets and enjoying the music. To get to different stages you have to walk through shrouded forests. They are covered in twinkling lights and decorations, making up different themes. The bands that play are not all super well-known, even though there are some, but they're usually all great.
Anna V. Nov 19, 2012
Two of my favorite music festivals have been in San Francisco: Treasure Island and Outside Lands. The music was amazing and so was the atmosphere. From the moment you arrive at the festival you know that you're in San Francisco. The people at the festival are incredibly friendly. Definitely bring a jacket because it gets really cold in the evenings. I forgot mine but easily purchased a festival one. That is honestly my only recommendation. There are many food options, a great environment, and one of the best music festivals.
David G. Nov 16, 2012
From the moment you enter this festival you know you are in Northern California. This festival is essentially a microcosm of the surrounding areas incorporating various elements of local culture. It has one of the most diverse music lineups out there, this year it ranged from Stevie Wonder to Skrillex and had everything in between. The atmosphere is very much like the city it takes place in. The people at Outside Lands seem to appreciate the music more than at most other festivals I have attended where people go because “it’s the cool thing to do.” There is an overarching sense of respect for both the artists and the local area. As you would expect in Northern California, their love for wine was incorporated into the festivities. A portion of the festival named “Wine Lands” gives dozens of local wineries an opportunity to promote their products and the crowd is more than happy to sample what they have. Also in fitting San Francisco style, there are quite a few tents that allow you to try out new technologies and meet local companies. In this way it is much more than just a music festival establishing a greater sense of community that is embraced by all in attendance.
Victor H. Oct 5, 2012
What? Coachella all the way!
Khristian K. Oct 5, 2012
I have only been to two festivals. Coachella in 2012 and Outside Lands this year (2012). And I can't help but to compare both. And as a matter of fact they are both very different. The people in San Francisco are way nicer than the crowd Coachella had. Whether is high fives they ask, or even to share a "smoke" with you, people in San Francisco are way nicer. At first I was like damn schizophrenic weather of the bay area is going to ruin my weekend, but you know what? I was so glad it was cold and not hot like the Indio desert. All I needed was a hoodie (which I purchased at the merchandise tent) and I was set for the whole festival. Outside Lands also didn't have as much as those annoying "bros" that go to shows and just act like douches. Or maybe they were there, but didn't recognized them cuz they were wearing shirts/hoodies and skipped the flip flops for shoes. I enjoy music, so I won't compare which festival had the best line-up and whatnot, cuz I enjoyed both equally when it came to music. But I will say this Outside Lands had the better crowds and weather. Will come back here next year, I hope.
Natalie M. Sep 6, 2012
Outside Lands is a great event at a great location. I did get cold in the evenings this year but it was so worth it because I sneaked in every day! The tickets were just printable e-tickets and I just rescanned one of my friend's real tickets and they let me in. Golden Gate Park is beautiful and the way it was lit up at night was gorgeous. I'm also a big fan of the wine bar with plastic cups. The people in SF are so chill, there's a lot of sitting and chillin on the grass eating from food trucks, and the delicious scents of marijuana waft through the air all day and night. Bacon Bacon is the best!
Anonymous Sep 6, 2012
Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival showcases legendary and upcoming musicians as well as the great entertainment and food scene the SF Bay Area has to offer. With comedians, DJ sets, beer and wine events, art and delicious local food vendors on top of amazing line-ups, it's understandable that people try to sneak in. But beware, security has been known to hide in the bushes, give you a head start and then chase you down. If the price tag is a bit much, try volunteering. Bring a jacket; although the rest of the City is sunny in August, Golden Gate Park gets foggy. Also bring cash to avoid ATM fees and refillable water bottles because it's cheaper and greener to refill them than to keep buying them. Hailing a cab after the festival is close to impossible and you will be squished like sardines on public transit. Wait out the crowds by hitting up a few bars around the area like the Taco Shop at Underdogs or Blackthorn in the Sunset.

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