Burning Man Arts Festival / Music Festival Every year at the end of August

Burning Man - Arts Festival | Music Festival in San Francisco.
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Itching for some self-realization with a side of communal epiphany and enlightenment? Could you use some you time with the omnipresent comfort of a collective struggle? Or do you simply want to go to a remote town with... ... read more

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Burning Man Videos

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Burning Man Description

Burning Man - Arts Festival | Music Festival in San Francisco.

Itching for some self-realization with a side of communal epiphany and enlightenment? Could you use some you time with the omnipresent comfort of a collective struggle? Or do you simply want to go to a remote town with zero cellphone service for a week?

Burning Man, a week-long annual festival held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada since 1986, gives you a place to celebrate self-reliance while socializing and creating communal works of art and self-expression. In 2012, over 56,000 people participated in the festival, up substantially from the twenty guests at the inaugural Burning Man.

Attendees of Burning Man are encouraged to bring whatever food, water, and shelter they need to survive, because once you pay admission to enter Black Rock Desert, you’re on your own. Burning Man is a commerce-free event, so there’s no supermarket or sporting goods store around. Once inside Burning Man, you cannot drive cars but must instead ride bikes or walk to other locations. You are strongly encouraged to interact with others, create communities, and share experiences and resources.

Burning Man is nearly impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t been there. Each year, the camp’s theme influences different art and social interaction among festival-goers. Past camp themes at Burning Man have included American Dream, The Body, Fertility, and Rites of Passage. And on the last night of the festival, guests surround the Burning Man itself – a nearly one hundred-foot-tall burning wooden effigy – to reflect and bond.

Tickets for Burning Man are only available online and start at $380 per person for the entire festival, while in-and-out passes -- required if you want to drive out of Black Rock Desert and come back at any point during Burning Man -- are $20. Burning Man organizers strongly suggest staying inside city limits during the duration of the festival to fully experience the event.

Burning Man User Comments

Michaela O. Aug 9, 2013
For a festival pushing 70,000 participants in the sprawling miles of Nevada's empty, white Black Rock Desert, which has managed to SELL OUT (a giant desert??) in the last 3 years in a row - there's really no arguing that Burning Man has become a favorite of the American people. Occurring yearly for over 3 decades, this festival of monolithic proportions holds a unique place in the "hearts and minds" of the people who attend it... The question is "WHY?" Whether it's the starry-eyed "virgins" (first-time attendees) or the hardened veterans who cling to the ethos and aesthetic of the once much smaller and more anarchic roots of the festival, every person who has been has a passionate allegiance to it. Some go so far as to plan their entire year around the climactic experience of one week in the dust and the freedom they find there, and many are out there for much longer than the week of fantasy play-time, even MONTHS at a time, assisting with the organizing, building, deconstruction and clean up of the event... many of them even do it FOR FREE... Burning Man is referred to as a "social experiment" based on "radical self-reliance" (survival in the desert without the need for the comforts of civilized society - an experiment that some choose to participate in, while others ignore from the air-conditioned confines of their RV's) and "participatory culture," where everyone (at least everyone who is aware of what that means) comes to the desert (lovingly referred to as the "Playa") with something to offer to the community - whether it be a service or art or manual labor or food.... Ultimately the idea is to exemplify the ideology that life gives you what you give to it - a philosophy that, when practiced, creates the sense of community and mutual support for creative expression that leaves the vast majority of its participants misty-eyed, sentimental and so fiercely loyal to the Burning Man culture. WARNING! THE BURN IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! If you go, expect to experience the following: Severe heat, Dust, Strong winds, Nudity, Costumes, Incredible art, Terrible art, Climbable art, Mobile/Rideable art, Burning Art, Boundary-pushing, Traditions, Rambling soap-box speeches, Learning/Workshops, Rave music/culture, Adults behaving like children, Sexuality, Drugs, Drinking, Cops, Bicycles, General craziness and other expressions of individual freedom, New experiences, Mind-blowing moments, Magic, New friends, Personal transformation, Possibly even a sense of peace and belonging... If any of the preceding keywords trigger you, you might not want to go... or you might want to get over it and go anyway... provided you can get a ticket. My personal Recommendations for your Playa experience: CAMPS: Fractal Nation Tetris camp (where you can play tetris on a 4 story tall LED wall) Camp ? (Question Mark) The Hookah Dome THE THUNDER DOME! The center camp cafe and art gallery and any number of the dozens of workshops there The roller disco skating rink ART: As many of the climbable sculptures you can get to The temple (where people go to pray and write their dreams and hopes and fears and prayers all over the walls, and which burns to the ground on Sunday night, carrying those prayers into the sky in great plumes and spinning columns of smoke) THE MAN (of course) and whatever clever installation they have at the base of it this time - and the burning of the Man The sunken pirate ship The various roving sound system laiden art cars, especially the golden dragon known as "Abraxas" HOW TO PREPARE: 1. Read and FOLLOW the "suvival guide" posted on the website: www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/ 2. Read the schedule of workshops and camps guide that is given to participants at the gate! 3. Go with as little expectation as possible, so as to soak in the magic and synchronicity the event has to offer. 4. Bring something to offer to your camp-mates, neighbors and the community at large. 5. Make it an excuse to play in ways your life may not offer opportunities to do: Have as much fun as possible, push your boundaries and don't take things personally! In short: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone who isn't a "hater" and who can step outside their boundaries to participate in a collaborative social experiment in bringing magic back into people's lives. What are you waiting for!?!? GO GET READY!
Tom E. May 1, 2013
Burning Man is shrouded in a thick cloud of praise, almost ad nauseum. Don't know what I'm alluding to? How about the heaping posts and conversations dedicated to how much of a life changer last year's Burn was, or how said person is counting down the minutes and days to when they can finally enter into that paradise once again. Like many who had never had the opportunity of scrubbing playa dust off countless possessions, I was extremely skeptical about Burning Man living up to the hype that was circulating at an annoying pace via the social networks I am connected with. Fast forward several months and I am still reeling from the impact that the event's many experiences bestowed upon me. Tens of thousands of stoked individuals, zero brands or signs of the modern economy, quirky art cars, soul-shaking rave setups, and a whole slew of other noteworthy scenes. To make a long story short, Burning Man is an ineffable joy; one that can go toe-to-toe with the biggest and baddest festivals and trips. I 100% urge you to take the plunge and get a week off work come the end of summer.

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