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Yoshi's San Francisco Want to find the latest concerts at Yoshi's in San Francisco, CA? Check out Party Earth for Yoshi's SF updates & experience this top jazz club for an amazing show! San Francisco United States 37.781907 -122.432323
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Yoshi's San Francisco - Jazz Club in San Francisco.
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INFO Originally opened in 1972 as a small Japanese restaurant outside of the UC Berkeley campus, Yoshi’s has become regarded as one of the premier jazz clubs in the country. Reopened in 1977 on Claremont Avenue as a larger... ... read more

Yoshi's San Francisco Videos

Bell Biv Devoe (HQ) @ Yoshi's in San Francisco with Ladies on stage August 19,2011
Bell Biv Devoe (HQ) @ Yoshi's in San Francisco with Ladies on stage August 19,2011
Grandmaster Flash (Live) - San Francisco, Yoshi's - July 2, 2011
Maxi Priest live at Yoshi's in San Francisco (6)
Tonight at Yoshi's: Branford Marsalis Live in San Francisco
Jai Uttal "Queen of Hearts" CD release @ Yoshi's San Francisco
Mezghoon Ensemble Live @ Yoshi's//San Francisco -August 2011
Aterciopelados - "Florecita Rockera" @ Yoshi's San Francisco 7-16-11
Maceo Parker, Make It Funky, Yoshi's, San Francisco 4-16-11
Quartet Rouge performing "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson at Yoshi's in San Francisco
Maceo Parker, Gimme Some More, Yoshi's, San Francisco 4-16-11
Oh Happy Day - The Blues Broads at Yoshi's, San Francisco + cut

Yoshi's San Francisco Information

Yoshi's San Francisco - Jazz Club in San Francisco.

Originally opened in 1972 as a small Japanese restaurant outside of the UC Berkeley campus, Yoshi’s has become regarded as one of the premier jazz clubs in the country.

Reopened in 1977 on Claremont Avenue as a larger, 100-seat restaurant, the owners added a full bar and lounge to the venue, regularly featuring live music. Notable past performers at Yoshi’s include Susan Muscarella, Pete Escovedo, John Santos, and Benny Green.

In 1985, Yoshi’s expanded again with an adjacent nightclub, which served as a full time concert venue.

The current Yoshi’s San Francisco opened in 2007 within the Fillmore Heritage Center. The two-story venue is a live music club and upscale Japanese restaurant. Shows at Yoshi’s feature an eclectic mix of programming, including world music, R&B, and rock.

Yoshi's San Francisco User Reviews

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Dead Prez, Martin Luther and Casual
Donel P. Apr 30, 2013
This is one of those more upscale attire events. The club is awesome, upstairs for that aerial camera view, and Downstairs has that nice space to get it in. I'm a Photographer. I had an ample amount of space when I was taking pics. The hostess there are very cool, they always have real down to earth attitudes. Very bubbly. I enjoyed my evening. I got great pics and some dynamic interviews. Check out Dondiditliveshowww.com to see exclusive footage.
Incredible Japanese Cuisine w/ a side of Jazz
Natalia B. Mar 29, 2013
I can't say enough about Yoshi's, especially the San Francisco venue. The architectural design in itself is spell binding. As the sashimi melts like butter in your mouth, you can't but follow the line patterns hanging above. The dining area is quite spacious, with booths lining the walls. Every dish I've every ordered was delectable, including desserts. Delectable comes at a price, however, so be prepared to open that wallet. This is an incredible place to bring a date, or even just fellow jazz lovers. If you have dinner, management will assign a nice spot for you in the music hall. You can also buy tickets just for the show and snack at the tables. There are attentive waiters and waitresses working the hall all night with plenty of tasty drinks to serve. My favorite aspect of Yoshis SF is the dance floor! I saw George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic here, needless to say, no one was sitting. Even on the second level people were on their feet feeling the funk. This place is truly amazing. They host the best talent, serve the finest Japanese food, and have the most attentive, dedicated staff. If you love sushi and jazz, this place is the sweetest treat.
Jazz it up
Marla F. Feb 20, 2013
Nice place to have food at, and listen to some jazz music at. If you like jazz music, then you most likely have been here before. The balcony provides great views and the acoustics up there are still good.This is a beautiful restaurant, and the atmosphere is great. The food here is pretty decent. It's best to make a reservation here, if you don't want to have to wait too long.
Yoshi's and All That Jazz
Brenden D. Feb 13, 2013
Yoshi's is buzzing with entertainment, good food and electric vibes. They really know how to throw a party. Their sushi is some of the best in the state with classically trained chefs from japan who are also classically french trained. THe cuisine is always seasonal and absolutely astounding. The jazz club bumps and rolls with music and is fed by the best bar tenders around. Insane sakes and cocktails make for a fun night
The Flip Side of Yoshi's
Sabrina G. Feb 3, 2013
Every year in the month of October, the infamous jazz club and renowned dining location, Yoshi's, opens its doors into a world of Japanese culture and art. One feels transported back in time as you enter the snazzy establishment, decked out in historical jazz memorabilia. The dazzling interior of the club piques your interest and you barely have time to grab the "golden ticket" that permits entry into this annual event before you are drooling over excitement. Yoshi's describes this magical event as: "A Day of traditional and contemporary Japanese cultural arts" and it did not disappoint. My roommate and I decided to take advantage of the incredible student discount- at only $10 a ticket we could spend our Sunday morning stepping back into the cultural realm of Japan while also scoring a delicious meal homemade by Yoshi herself. We started our journey listening to the traditional string instruments of Japan, dabbling in Japanese calligraphy, and trying our hand at flower arrangement, also known as Ikebana. We eventually sat ourselves down at the floor level tables in the corner for a marathon origami session, competing with young Japanese children whose parent's were working the event. While the expertly folded cranes, panda bears, and tiger lilies, my roommate and I struggled to make a basic box. Yet the giggles and delights that we received at our maimed results were well worth the frustration. Finally, it was time for the piece de resistance. Food. Glorious glorious food. Now Yoshi's boasts a very fancy palate and while that is all fine and good we got the rare chance to indulge in some old fashioned Yoshi delicacies, made by the icon herself. As we sat down to eat my mouth began to water over the delicately cooked kombucha squash, the irresistible and painstakingly crafted dim sum, and terriyaki chicken tempted me from each corner of the plate. Each bite exuded exclamations from both me and my roommate and we left with extremely happy tummies. I highly suggest this event to anyone interested in learning about Japanese culture or if you are just a bored college student looking for food outside of the dreaded cafeteria. The chance to see the "flip side" of this iconic restaurant in San Francisco's Fillmore district is not to be missed.
Jazzy Fun
Rachel G. Nov 21, 2012
This is a legendary place. One of the finest Jazz Bars in the city and the world to my opinion. I am not even necessarily into Jazz, but I have seen quite a few performers at their nightclub venue that is attached to the Japanese restaurant. Another thing that is cool about this place is that though it is recognized as a Jazz club have various types of music. They have a wide array of R&B, rock, jazz, and world music. This is the perfect date spot. Make reservations at the upscale japanese restaurant and then walk on over to the venue for drinks and live music.
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