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Temple Nightclub Looking for the best DJ events and club nights at Temple Nightclub in San Francisco? Check out Party Earth for top-rate DJs spinning all night long at this amazing club! San Francisco United States 37.7878084 -122.397191
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Temple Nightclub - Nightclub in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review A multi-level club featuring three dance floors, Temple Nightclub lets its diverse patrons party it up for Mother Earth, with wall-to-wall eco-friendly lighting and a rooftop composter that helps keep nearly three-quarters... ... read full review

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    BART: Montgomery Station
    MUNI F Line: Market St. & 2nd Street

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    Th 10pm–3am, F–Sa 10pm–4am

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    • Night Spot

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Carnaval Circus 2013at Temple night club San Francisco .MP4
Carnaval Circus 2013at Temple night club San Francisco .MP4
RE:CREATION at Temple Nightclub
Alex K @ Temple Nightclub, Kings Cross Sydney
David Gregory @ Temple Night Club
Life SF @ Temple Nightclub
Sunset Bros. @ Temple Nightclub, Sydney
Temple Nightclub - San Francisco, CA 94105 Jippidy.com
Access NightLife At Temple NightClub March 2006

Party Earth Temple Nightclub Review

The Scene

Looking for the best DJ events and club nights at Temple Nightclub in San Francisco? Check out Party Earth for top-rate DJs spinning all night long at this amazing club!

A multi-level club featuring three dance floors, Temple Nightclub lets its diverse patrons party it up for Mother Earth, with wall-to-wall eco-friendly lighting and a rooftop composter that helps keep nearly three-quarters of the venue’s waste from the landfill.

Plus there’s sushi and hot dogs inside. Hallelujah!

But guests shouldn’t expect a teepee-strewn warehouse reeking of soy. In fact, first-time visitors might be surprised when they enter The Shrine main room, where bright marble floors are scattered with white linen tables, ivory-colored columns sprout from the dance floor, and looming Asian masks dot the otherwise bare walls.

Rotating DJs keep The Shrine thumping with electro house and dubstep, while hungry visitors can hit the full-service Ki Sushi joint steps away or the hot dog stand that’s occasionally set up by the smoking area.

The downstairs Destiny Lounge has a similar minimal-mod look, with low leather couches occupied by the bottle service set, thirty-five flashing monitors flickering over dolled-up revelers shaking it on the dance floor, and special lighting that changes the color of the entire space.

Further down still is the aptly named Catacombs and its chamber vibe, where couples can get intimate behind stone pillars and sculptures as the bar satiates dancers taking a break from the third DJ’s sets.

Fancy enough to be chic and varied enough to be creatively cool, Temple Nightclub touts a festive vibe that feels anything but recycled.

Even though, technically, it is.

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Tip from Adriana:

Bottle service comes with six free entry passes to the club per bottle purchased. It’s almost like you’re drinking for free.

  • Crowd

    Crowd varies based on the booked DJs, but usually includes hip-hop aficionados, dubstep devotees, industry folks, big birthday groups, dolled-up college girls, slap-happy suburbanites, and a smattering of bottle service divas, early 20s to late 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Rotating DJs spin in the main The Shrine room upstairs, the downstairs Destiny Lounge, and the further downstairs Catacombs. Music usually centers on electro-house and dance in The Shrine, electro, trance, and dubstep in Destiny, and old-school rap with some Top 40 in The Catacombs.

    Occasional special guest live bands.

    Regular house dancers in The Shrine.

    Several monitors and impressive lighting displays throughout.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full menu of sushi and other Japanese fare – also with an emphasis on sustainability – at the adjoining Ki Sushi restaurant. Restaurant can be accessed without entering the club. Reservations accepted.

    Hot dog stand intermittently set up by the venue’s smoking area on the main floor.

    Bottle service special on Fridays features 50% off the first bottle with purchase of a second bottle.

  • Prices

    Cover charge: free before 10pm, $5 thereafter on Thursdays; free before 11pm if on guest list, $15 thereafter on Fridays; $5 before 11pm if on guest list, $20 thereafter on Saturdays.

    Sushi $6–$18. Hot dogs $5. Beer $5–$7, wine $5–$7, cocktails and rails $7–$10. Bottle service $275+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Club casual to dressy: Cool vintage wear, blazers, stylish t-shirts, funky accessories, cute tops, sexy pencil skirts.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Temple’s limited opening hours promise a packed and bumping scene on every level Thursdays through Saturdays, though Thursdays tend to offer the cheapest cover charge while Saturdays routinely host the bigger-name DJs.

  • Close By

    Harlot (46 Minna Street) is a dark and decadent club designed to celebrate the most famous women of the Barbary Coast, with an intimate dance floor that gets packed with everyone who passed the bouncer’s notoriously choosy muster.

Temple Nightclub User Reviews

Average rating:
EDM and Sustainable Sushi Palace
Moni M. Aug 5, 2013
Temple Nightclub is housed within the Zen Compound which comprises of its own music label, an eclectic art gallery, and a sushi restaurant to fuel the fire for partygoers in the multilevel EDM dance palace. Temple features world-renowned entertainers such as Armin Van Buuran spinning live sets weekly. The spacious club is made up of several tastefully themed rooms, each with its own mood: The Shrine, Destiny Lounge and Catacombs. Each room typically hosts its own musical set to match a variety of tastes. Ki is Zen Compound's sustainable sushi and izakaya bar, boasting a modern take on classic Japanese dining in the name of keeping our tiny blue planet spinning and lush. Perfect for a pre, post or mid party feast. Don't forget to ask about dining and club specials as Temple regularly offers cover or drink discounts to Ki patrons. Zen Compound's most recent addition is its culturally vibrant art gallery Mirus. Mirus is an art collective made to serve as the mothership all of San Francisco's graphic visionaries. This artistic manifestation of everything Zen Compound stands for features new collections of art work regularly, usually tied together by a timely theme. These elements are what makes Temple Nightclub a truly unforgettable party experience. They may come for the music, but club lovers will stay for the cultural enrichment... and the sushi.
Baller on a Budget and Great Music
Terry N. Feb 24, 2013
Temple Bar and Lounge- San Jose Bay Area. I know what you are thinking, isn't this guy supposed to be writing a review on temple San Francisco! Unfortunately I have yet to party there but I have turned up my night at temple San Jose which is also I dope place to visit when in the Bay Area. The one thing that separates this venue from others is the music. The DJ does a good job at mixing the mainstream hip hop with the smooth West Coast music from "back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish i was a kid again." The drinks are reasonable prices and the crowd is always jumpin. I must say, there is never a dull moment at this place even when standing in line to release. It does get packed elbow to elbow but room will be made fr people to battle it out pop locking and dropping it. All in all, when my night is slow and I have nothing to do, I can always count on this place to spice my night up!
The Customized Nightclub for Him and Her
Lorena E. Feb 19, 2013
Ladies, slip on that cute dress and statement piece heels because Temple is the spot to get dolled up! Gentlemen, make sure you are looking your best because this is the perfect place for singles to mingle. This strikingly laid out nightclub provided such a fun atmosphere for my friends and I. Not only does Temple features 3 dance floors, but the main floor is sure to make you feel more important than you are! Temple’s exotic artwork and lights are pure eye candy. It doesn’t stop there. Google the word “versatile,” and that just about sums up the variety of music offered throughout the night. Whether you are into the top 40, hip-hop, or house music, this spot has got you covered. Temple is great for young adults 20s-30s looking for a great night out. Cover charge is $20 without the guest list and drinks are a bit pricey. However, you get what you pay for – great quality entertainment and drinks! Don’t miss out!
An Energetic and Exotic Nightclub Experience
Kathy C. Feb 19, 2013
Clubgoers who have been to Tao nightclub in Las Vegas might consider Temple a pseudo version of it...or not. While it may not be as glamorous or upscale as a Las Vegas nightclub, Temple takes a cue from Sin City with its mysterious artwork, swanky neon lighting and majestic statues of buddha floating around the entrance and main floor. Party seekers bitten by the dance bug can find an anecdote on one of three dance floors (or all!) blasting everything from hip-hop to trance to house to top 40s beats, depending on who's promoting that night. The real sweet deal comes to those who dine at their restaurant, Ki, before their night of debauchery. Upon request, diners can receive nightclub passes (one per person) for free admission before 11PM. Temple is great for singles looking to mingle or those looking to dance the night away. 'Grab somebody sexy, tell 'em hey!'
Musically, Decent Alternative to Ruby Skye - Singles can definitely hook up
Francis L. Feb 14, 2013
I didn't catch her name, but the Asian bartender at Temple was awesome on Saturday. My friend was being an idiot and flung some napkins off the bar. They landed on two uptight Persian guys who were very insulted. They made a big deal about it and demanded an apology. When the situation diffused, the bartender got my friend's attention, threw a second pile of napkins in the air, and asked, "What can I get ya?" We headed down the black-lighted, graffitied stairs to the hip hop dance floor, where a basic ass-shake or a slide behind a lady during the latest Kanye single could guarantee a hook up. But we were careful with the moves, because in the corner of the main downstairs dance floor, some local, hella seriously hip hoppers were battling Step Up 3 style. We went to listen to some good dub-step by an up-and-coming DJ duo in the less-crowded downstairs lounge, where a small group was jamming out. Thirsty again, we visited our favorite new bartender upstairs then checked out the main dance floor. The DJ was playing mainstream mixes, drawing a mainstream singles crowd. He towered over the floor in front of a sick light-show and looked like a Roman God close to the ceiling between the Temple pillars. But since the dance floor was small and poorly designed, we felt driven back and had to enjoy the music from what felt like too far away. Temple is a decent back up for local, up-and-coming producers if you can't afford to pay for a big name DJ show at Ruby Skye. The range of experiences available is cool, but with so many options, but can be a little overwhelming.
Dubstep, Drinks, Drugs, Dance.
Anna C. Feb 12, 2013
Come ready to rage for a $10 cover at Temple's weekly Dubstep party, Ritual, home to some of the dirtiest dub in the bay. Temple, a dual level and multi-room venue, often has two or three DJs spinning in different rooms providing ample variety for the MDMA-loving crowd. The extended hours (3-4am) serve the good vibe party kids that look as though they walked right out of Burning Man. Get down and dirty with these crazy party kids every Thursday for some guaranteed absurd fun.
Eco Friendly Club
Rachel G. Nov 7, 2012
Yes you heard it right. This is a nightclub that is eco friendly! Hosting three nights a week of some of the best and upcoming dj's in the city alongside a eco friendly nightclub that is trying to change the face of nightclubs in SF. You can also come before your night out of dancing and enjoy some fresh sushi at their sushi bar located where, RIGHT NEXT DOOR! You enjoy dinner with them, you enter the club for free. deal.
Everything that Ruby Skye should be.
Ed H. Oct 5, 2012
Temple Nightclub is in a 10-12 block section of SOMA with larger dance venues that feature DJs spinning a techno-ish, electronic music beat. Though smaller than Ruby Skye, Temple plays the same type of music, the staff is much nicer and more accommodating, and the experience is much better. The sushi bar is a nice touch, and Temple offers programming beyond dancing 'til 2am. For example, the Obama '08 and '12 campaigns have used Temple to host Presidential and Vice-Presidential debate-watch parties.
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