Ruby Skye

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Ruby Skye Ruby Skye is a popular Downtown San Francisco club steps from Union Square & packed with big DJs. Get to the dance floors in this SF hotspot with Party Earth. San Francisco United States 37.787403 -122.409857
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Ruby Skye - Club in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review It began as The Stage Door, an 1890s-era playhouse whose long life included everything from entertaining soldiers during WWII to showcasing the premiere of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, but since 2000 the renamed Ruby... ... read full review

  • Metro:

    BART: Powell Street
    MUNI F Line: 4th Street & Market Street

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  • Hours:

    Th 8pm–2am, F–Sa 8pm–4am
    Frequently open other days for holidays, special events, and private functions

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    • Night Spot

Ruby Skye Videos DJ Set @ Ruby Skye 8.29.09
0:000:00 DJ Set @ Ruby Skye 8.29.09
TIESTO @ Ruby Skye OMG So Close [WASTED]
Deadmau5 and Gabriel and Dresden at Spundae Ruby Skye
Kaskade Intro @ Ruby Skye 11/20/09
Dresden & Johnston Live at Ruby Skye San Francisco Feat. Metaphonix (HPD Rmx)
World Town and Ruby Skye Present R3HAB
Ruby Skye 4/7/09 light show Armin Van Buuren
Ferry Corsten & Bjorn Niclas at Ruby Skye Halloween 2009

Party Earth Ruby Skye Review

The Scene

Ruby Skye is a popular Downtown San Francisco club steps from Union Square & packed with big DJs. Get to the dance floors in this SF hotspot with Party Earth.

It began as The Stage Door, an 1890s-era playhouse whose long life included everything from entertaining soldiers during WWII to showcasing the premiere of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, but since 2000 the renamed Ruby Skye has become synonymous with festive clubbing and world-class DJs in San Francisco.

The venue’s history is still evident inside, where large archways, draping chandeliers, and detailed cornices set the stage and Victorian portraits of uptight old farts stare down at the throngs of trendy ladies and Audigier-adoring dudes perpetually in attendance.

The vibe is definitely see-and-be-seen, yet while it’s normal to find perfectly tweezed models heading for the VIP suites overlooking the main dance floor, it’s just as common to spy boisterous groups of college kids who trucked in from suburbia and even a few attenuate hipsters who decry “bridge and tunnel” crowds – until they’ve got a few drinks in them.

Major DJs have graced the main stage, from Tiësto to Paul Oakenfold, but regular nights see up-and-coming DJs on both floors as revelers bounce between multiple bars, pack in along the balcony for the best views of the house dancers, or sneak up to the private Jungle Room to join the older set sipping cognac away from all the kiddies.

With frequent light shows, acrobatic acts, and even some live music thrown in the mix, Ruby Skye continues to be an easy choice for Bay Area clubbers who want a solid night out.

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Tip from Emma:

Want to drive but don’t want the hassle of parking in Union Square? Several sites let you make parking reservations in the area online. Park Whiz and Gotta Park are just two examples. No guarantee on a busy night but it sure beats driving around in circles for an hour.

  • Crowd

    Diverse collection of dance music lovers, college kids, birthday groups, trendy clubbers, fans of the night’s DJ, suburban partiers, young professionals, and tourists, 18 to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Constantly rotating lineup of local and international DJs, with an emphasis on techno, house, trance, and electronica. Two separate DJ booths and dance floors.

    House dancers and large projection screen on the main floor most nights. Light shows most nights. Special events and themes can vary throughout the month.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A basic menu of finger foods and entrées including wings, chicken quesadillas, lamb “lollichops,” and spaghetti. Full catering services are available for private events. Thursdays usually 18+. Private booths and private Jungle Room lounge available.

    Parking is usually difficult in this part of town. Guests should be aware of the weather, as lines outside Ruby Skye can be rather long after 11pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $10–$40+; varies per event, but usually in the $20 range. Check venue website for details.

    Food $6–$10. Beer $6-–$8+, wine $6+, cocktails and wells $6–$12, VIP booth/suite $340–$600+/includes a bottle of top shelf and mixer, $40 gratuity toward server, and cover charge for up to six people).

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Dressy: button-downs, dark jeans, blazers, sexy dresses, khakis, flats.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Anytime a big-name DJ of interest is in town, Thursdays for the 18+ nights, or Fridays and Saturdays for a routinely hopping evening that bumps till the wee hours.

  • Close By

    Hidden right next to and below Ruby Skye, Slide (430 Mason Street) is a swanky prohibition-style lounge that guests can actually choose to take a real slide down into. Donners of tiny dresses should consider themselves forewarned.

Ruby Skye User Reviews

Average rating:
Not Quite a Gem
Vasavi R. Oct 24, 2013
Came here for a Markus Schulz concert. My friend and I decided to be there around 11, thinking it wouldn't take long to get in with our previously purchased tickets. Boy were we wrong! It took almost an hour to get in, as there was only one line for everyone, regardless of buying a ticket beforehand or not. The club itself was a decent size, with two floors. It wasn't over-packed inside and we didn't suffocate while dancing either. We were able to dance freely without being pushed around every 5 seconds. The sound system was amazing and made the whole experience much better! Everyone was enjoying themselves, dancing and listening to the music. The major downfall: the guys. I suggest staying with your friends for the most part because there are some creepy ass guys there. There were many guys, too old to be at an 18+ club, eyeing girls and trying to grind up on them. Besides for the music, my whole experience was okay. It wasn't horrible, but I doubt I’ll be going back there any time soon.
Martin Solveig concert
Britt E. Aug 30, 2013
First time stepping into the infamous Ruby Skye. Wasnt sure if it would live up to the reputation, but I am happy to say it was a great night. It was a bit smaller then expected, but thats perfect for getting up close to the artist. The drinks live up to their expensive reputation, but the music was so good who had time to waste standing at the bar. Overall I would definitely go back.
Lucy in the Skye with Rubies
Declan W. Jul 2, 2013
Having been to Ruby Skye numerous times, I highly recommend it if you are looking for a night of dancing. The music is primarily electronic, but they do feature other artists. The two-story layout provides multiple vantage points to listen to the music in a laid a more laid back setting, or a down and dirty dance floor. The drinks are not cheap ($10 for a small Redbull vodka), and often hard to obtain when the place is packed. I have also had a few bad experiences with one of the female bartenders, maybe its just me. Still, I have always enjoyed the environment. Especially in the last few months, Ruby Skye management has stepped up their game, adding more lights, and upgrading the stages to create a more complete experience. They are also a part of the mobile application "guest list nation," often offering free entrance with a few guests as long as you RSVP before 12. This will usually save you and your group $20-60! If you have never been to Ruby Skye, I highly recommend you check it out.
Ideal Night Out in SF
Roberto M. Jun 11, 2013
I've been to Ruby Skye multiple times and each time it has never been a disappointment. The layout overall is very simple, two stories one being the dance floor and the second a balcony overlooking the madness down below. My friends and I arrived early one of the times we visited this place and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves which was great due to the ease at which we could get drinks something we lamented over afterwards. Once the place got packed it was a hassle to get drinks but luckily by that time all we cared about was dancing. One of the cool things about Ruby Skye is how easy it is for the venue to change its atmosphere. On one occasion it was a cool club with a great vibe while on another occasion it had transformed into a complete Mardi Gras blowout. The lighting and layout help to add to the overall vibe and it is just much more awesome when you realize you are inside an old school San Francisco building downtown. The only drawback I can think of is the 18 and over nights when some of the younger crowd can't handle and end up being complete messes but that is just part of the night club experience. If you are in SF and want a cool place to check out go to Ruby Skye.
Just give me a smoking section and you're golden, Ruby.
Ashlynn D. Jun 8, 2013
Before I start with the inside of the club let me warn you about the outside: if you're actin' a drunken fool when approaching the bouncer, he will smack your ass out of the way. The bouncers actually get paid here, so they're not gonna put up with your crap, drunken-14-year-old-from-the-east-bay. That being said, this club is DOPE! The sound system is outrageous and it really makes the experience a great one. The bass on those speakers will shake your brain into a happy-soup which tastes oh so good. Even though it takes a little bit of time to heat up, (yes, I am always one of the first five people making an ass of themselves alone on the dance floor, but the music is just that good) once it gets going the crowd is wild. Not too wild mind you, but just wild enough. This place would get four stars if they had a smoking section. No joke. That's how much I want one. Also, bring back Dada Life! That night was CRAZY.
Shine Bright Like a Ruby!
Monique B. May 14, 2013
Upon entry you may second guess yourself, did you walk into the right place? Did I just step out of a cocaine induced scene from an eighties movie? And yes, yes you did! Ruby sky is absolutely the right place. And by cocaine induced scene from an eighties movie I only mean an elaborate crescendo of excitement, music, pupil inducing lights and the most party ready crowd you ever did see. RUby Sky is world known, and the best spot for EDM in San Francisco. The artist who bring their mind sex turned ocean under your feet making you dance and laugh are known all over the world, and always provide you with a great time. Whether Electronic Dance is your "thing" or not, Ruby Sky and it's world class decor, quick and on point bartenders, fun crowd, and a freaking light show is the perfect place for a weekend extravaganza. Keep in mind an average of twenty dollar entry fee and slightly pricey drinks are the downside. But where EVER you go there is a downside. So get your dancings shoes on and cut a rug! If you peruse the outside of the club more you'll find another hot commodity called Slide. A fun prohibition style entry, very sprucely decorated club. Just an upside to counter that downside I mentioned!
It's the music, stupid!
Tim K. Apr 9, 2013
The best electronic dance music club on the West Coast, hands down! Situated in an old and grand theatre from the turn of the last century with ultra modern upgrades and sexy low glow lighting. The experience is best when you make it the focal point of your night and get a group of friends to go. And its all about the music! I have seen Steve Aoki and Benny Benassi among others at Ruby Skye. The club consistently has a world class line up. The distinguishing factor between the people who give this club an ok review and a great review will boil down to their devotion for EDM. The crowd is all over the map, but avoid the I bankers on expense accounts, the are absolute lunatics! Prepare to stay all night.
A Ruby in the Sky(e)
Shane S. Apr 3, 2013
This is absolutely a not-to-miss gem for partygoers in San Francisco! What better way to sample old and new put together in this city of contrasts, where architectural tradition clashes with techno lights and sounds, to create an evening ultra lounge in a stylish building that stands out in an urban landscape? Ruby Skye is the perfect venue to party all night long while admiring old Victorian taste design with the latest technical updates in lighting and sound. Mingle in the midst of the crowd, partake in the uproarious nightly festive mood, and look towards the ceiling - you will contemplate the reddish glittering lights resemblimg rubbies in the sky amid the classical decor in all its glory. Ruby Skye guarantees the guest fun and entertainment throughout the entire evening.The neon lights, the DJ spinning the techno sound, the boisterous crowd, the glittering scene, and the decor-style walls produce an awesome experience in San Francisco not to be missed. This venue is, unquestionably, an ideal nightlife spot.
Feel The Rhythm In The Skye
Rania T. Mar 31, 2013
Located in the heart of downtown SF just off of Union Square and the famed theatre district, Ruby Skye has remained a popular staple of the bay area club scene for years. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by tall ceilings, large archways and tasteful Victorian style decor. Renowned for a top-notch sound system with the who’s who of international DJs spinning techno, house, trance, electronica, pop and hip hop on both floors, you’ll be sure to work up a sweat trying to keep up with the pounding beats. To keep the dance floor from boiling, Ruby Skye comes specially equipped with a ventilation system. If this isn’t enough music to your ears, to further engage your senses, your eyes will be mesmerized by the hypnotic moves of sexy go-go dancers and acrobats to stunning laser and light shows. If you are one for lavish props and decor, make it a point to visit Ruby Skye on Halloween since they spend thousands of dollars transforming the club into an out of this world, magical wonderland. To sum it up in two words – sensory overload! As far as the crowd, the scene is incredibly diverse – from club kids to hipsters to buttoned-down nine to fivers and everything in between. Dress code is trendy-casual; dark jeans are permissible. Couple tips of advice – dress to express as well as impress and arrive early so you don’t end up spending most of the night in line.
An Okay Club
Marla F. Feb 20, 2013
I still remember when this club was the place to go. Ruby Skye still does get pretty packed on the weekends, but I can't understand why. If your not a big fan of EDM music and your friends drag you here, you won't have a good time. They do get great Dj's playing here, but other than that, I don't see the real attraction.
The Gem in the Panhandle
Francis L. Feb 14, 2013
Ruby Skye is sick! It's a must see if you're favorite DJ is playing. The dance floor is huge. The sound system and the light show are banging. The best show I've ever seen was Kyau and Albert 2009. I've enjoyed this venue both drunk and sober just because the names they get are so good. Ruby Skye's fame draws mixed groups, everyone from AA kids, to thizz kids, to 30-somethings. Because everybody knows about it, the crowd can be kind of ditzy, as in, "I've never been to a venue in San Francisco except for Ruby Skye" which can be annoying. I've also heard a lot of people complain about management and the bouncers being dicks. But if you can get over the mainstream problems with nightclubs, be polite to security, and just have an awesome time for yourself, the dance floor is almost incomparable to other venues in San Francisco, and the balcony is a great place to either chill out or enjoy the show from up above. Highly recommend, especially if you're only in town for one night.
My favorite club in SF!
S G. Feb 7, 2013
My favorite club in SF! I was there on Halloween 2007. The best Halloween ever! :) One of my favorite venues when I'm going to see a show. My favorite DJs are always there!! Also if you are interested with the setup, the interior of this place is Victorian!
amazing for dj fans
Zoe M. Dec 2, 2012
i've been to ruby skye several times because of the frequent big name djs that perform there. although it has a bad reputation for the people at the door, i've never had any issues. this is a really fun spot for getting all dolled up and clubbing with the girls, especially to see a famous dj that i love.
Rachel G. Nov 7, 2012
I have been to this venue MORE than an average person and have found myself at odds with security, promoters, and venue-goers. I love this venue because they have some of the worlds greatest dj's and performers that play here, but the service is less than great. The venue is huge and has some of the best lighting techniques around. But I have always been turned off due to my experiences with workers. Great place for club-goers and dancers around town for a night out in EDM.
Large and Lousy
Ed H. Oct 4, 2012
The only place I've ever been to--in San Francisco or anywhere, for that matter--where I was recently lectured by a doorman about how I "should feel privileged to pay a $40 cover" to see Digweed perform. Digweed. Seriously. Ruby Skye is a large, cavernous space that appears to have originally been a historic movie palace and that, on any given night, can accommodate upwards of 2,000 misguided (although not horribly dressed) 18 to 21-year-olds who haven't yet figured out that a night out clubbing doesn't have to cost $35 at the door. There are dozens upon dozens of other venues in that area that are much more fun, with nicer staff, better music, and better vibes.
Melissa M. Oct 4, 2012
Ruby Skye is a cool venue... when it's empty. The building itself is cool, it's really a neat place, very small though. But security SUCKS here, which often takes away from the fun and can even ruin the night. Do NOT attempt to use a fake I.D. here, they will not only not let you in, they will confiscate it and never give it back. However, once you get it, it's a decent enough venue and can sometimes attract a good crowd, depending on the DJ.
Love the club, hate the security
Dana G. Sep 28, 2012
Everyone says security here is a PIA, and since I'm from L.A. and I know PIA security I thought they were all full of sh*t. Well, they weren't. I'm a girl, so I get in wherever with no hassle (perks of having breasts and a sparkling wit), but the boys in my group didn't fare so well. There was some hubbub about tickets not being printed and mobile apps not being good enough, yadda, yadda, yadda. What you really need to know is, print your tickets and look good. 'Nuff said. The club itself is smaller than I envisioned (again, L.A. girl) and full of what seemed like underage Euros but they play the music a girl like me gets down to, and when I need to shake my behind or do my best Dane Cook impersonation, "I just wanna dance!" this is the spot for me. This is SF so there's plenty of other places to find good electronic music, but Ruby Skye gets the big names, so it gets my vote!
My First Night Club
Gabe L. Aug 8, 2012
Ruby Skye is the first nightclub I ever went to, so it holds a near and dear place in my heart. The night I went it was 18+ (I was only 18) so that crowd was very young. Dress varied from casual white tees to button-ups and little black dresses. DJs spinned top 40 and a little electronic. It was a lot of fun and the people were friendly.
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