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Party Earth Review Yo-ho-ho and holy crap, there’s a lot of bottles of rum at Smuggler’s Cove! More than two hundred rums and seventy-plus rum-infused cocktails to be exact, from slow-sipping varieties to flower-laden frou-frou drinks strong enough to take down a thoroughbred. Dubbed one of the world’s best bars by Drinks International in 2011, this über popular drinking den could easily pass for a Pirates of the Caribbean set, with heavy wooden beams wrapped in thick ropes, scattered oak barrels and treasure chests, and a general excess of buccaneer’s booty strewn about. Patrons – limited to just forty-nine at any given ... more


650 Gough Street
San Francisco, California 94102

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SF Members Clubs Overview

Smuggler's Cove - Bar | Rum Bar in SF

San Francisco is known for pushing social boundaries. From the speakeasies that popped up in the Prohibition Era, to the 1940s jazz scene that brought thumping ensembles to underground venues all around town, a night out in old-school San Francisco often meant revelry, booze, and exclusivity. Today, members clubs in San Francisco offer that exclusivity and are as alluring as ever.

From high-society politicians and businessmen, to typical big-city residents, San Francisco members clubs attract all types. Hidden in the nooks and crannies of this dynamic city, these highbrow hotspots may seem impervious to outsiders, but people of all walks of life can be found in the San Francisco members scene, too.

If seeking to infiltrate the crème de la crème of San Francisco members clubs, societies like Bay View Boat Club and Villa Taverna top the charts. A boat is a necessity to gain membership into the former, and for the latter a high social position is key.

Party-driven members clubs in San Francisco have a more open-door policy, albeit a subscribers-only type of scene. Little hangouts that don prohibition-esque vibes dot the San Franciscan landscape today and are becoming the key party place for the city’s hippest crowds. A simple word, nod, or reservation can grant entry to these spots, which include the likes of Bourbon & Branch, Wilson and Wilson Private Detective Agency, The Hideout at Dalva, and Smuggler's Cove.

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