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From techno and Top 40 to classic rock and eclectic electronica, San Francisco gay clubs serve up a sexy, can't-stop-the-beat situation, drawing a diverse crowd of carousers who want to rub elbows and naughty bits in the wee hours of the night.

Catering to the kink scene brimming with bondage, 440 Castro is where everyone lets their freak flag fly. Rotating theme nights draw a grab-bag of SF revelers who shake their tail feathers, often sans pants, on the dance floor.

A little chichi but not pretentious, Trigger is the go-to spot to boogy with pretty party people and a few go-go boys in a glinting cage. The industrial-chic space offers concrete walls set against sparkling chandeliers, private booths filled with model types, and a glass-lined mezzanine where sophisticated sippers gaze at the dance-happy people below.

SF Badlands is a sure-to-please gay staple, featuring irresistible happy hour specials and all-the-beer-you-can-drink Sundays, which draw even the straightest of men like a moth to a flame. Weekends are a disco ball, laser lights, thumping bass, and sweaty kind of affair.

The gay clubs of San Francisco are the best place to get down and dirty and to showcase smooth moves and a strong stomach for liquor.

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