Double Dutch

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Double Dutch Double Dutch in the SF Mission is a retro club & bar where break dancing & the 80s live on. Check out Party Earth for more on this great San Francisco venue. San Francisco United States 37.764907 -122.423821
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Double Dutch - Bar | Club in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review For those who worship Wu-Tang and roll their eyes at Lil’ Wayne, who think Young MC’s Bust a Move should be sung in church, and who rank Brooklyn’s 80s break dancing scene as their own version of Shangri-La, then it doesn... ... read full review

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    BART: 16th Street Mission
    MUNI J Line: Church Street & 16th Street

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  • Hours:

    M 7pm–2am, Tu–Sa 5pm–2am, Su 6pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Double Dutch Review

The Scene

Double Dutch in the SF Mission is a retro club & bar where break dancing & the 80s live on. Check out Party Earth for more on this great San Francisco venue.

For those who worship Wu-Tang and roll their eyes at Lil’ Wayne, who think Young MC’s Bust a Move should be sung in church, and who rank Brooklyn’s 80s break dancing scene as their own version of Shangri-La, then it doesn’t get much better than Double Dutch.

True, the venue is dark, cramped by design, and eye-blinkingly humid – and sometimes the DJs segue into Top 40 before the night is out – but there’s little doubt of this tiny club’s devotion to retro rap culture.

The bathrooms are covered with graffiti, stacks of a hundred-and-fifty glittering boom boxes backdrop the DJ booth, and photographs of swaggering b-boys toprockin’, freezin’, and generally pulling moves that would kill anybody over thirty line the walls.

There’s hardly ever a cover charge, even when the Mission bar-hopping crowd floods in Thursdays through Saturdays, filling the small bar and booths that run down either side of the narrow front half of the space, and grooving shoulder-to-shoulder on the small dance floor in back.

Most of the patrons probably think a ghetto blaster is a weapon from Star Wars, but that doesn't stop the youngsters from eating up the DJ-spun 80s and 90s classics with the kind of relish a typical club-goer demonstrates toward David Guetta’s latest Usher remix. If anything, Double Dutch proves that an old-school vibe is far from tired and good times can be rooted in decades far, far away.

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Tip from Jonah:

There’s hardly ever a cover here. The only regular time they charge one is during Sunday’s Prequel Happy Hour from 6 to 10pm – but even that’s only $3, and you can avoid the charge altogether by RSVP-ing here.

  • Crowd

    Dance fiends, old-schoolers, retronauts, young barhoppers, college kids, amateur DJs, and hipsters who secretly love to dance, early to late 20s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin old-school hip-hop, funk, and classic rock nightly. Sporadic guest performers and themed party events.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food. No cover charge except for rare special events and 6–10pm on Sundays. Happy Hour M 7–9pm, Tu–F 5–8pm.

  • Prices

    Beer $4–$7, wine $7, cocktails and wells $7–$10. $20 credit card minimum.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual to sexy: vintage wear, t-shirts, jeans, sexy tops, comfortable shoes.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays through Saturdays for a packed house by 11pm with barely room to move, or earlier in the day/week to chill with good friends and good beats without spilling too many drinks – at least not from errant elbows.

  • Close By

    Gestalt Haus (3159 16th Street) brings in near-nightly eclectic DJs, promotes monthly local art shows, serves up fat German sausages, and pours a small but tasty selection of imported drafts and microbrews.

Double Dutch User Reviews

Average rating:
Where the 80s have come alive!
Ashley I. Jul 14, 2013
Sweaty. Loud. Neon. Boomboxes. Imagine all listed above, and that is what you will find at Double Dutch. With no cover, this is a great bar/club to pop into to let your inner rapstar-meets-madonna out. On a typical weekend filled with alcohol-induced debauchery, I would literally hop from Double Dutch to Skylark (they are down the street from one another) just to see which bar was less crowded and what songs I felt like dancing to at the moment. A little whole in the wall that packs a punch! Hardly any room to dance but you really don't mind if you are just dancing a long with the flow of the group. Standing closer to the walls is honestly the best place to be if you have personal space issues. Always a good time when you let loose in Double Dutch! Just be aware of all the lovely drunkards flowing into the streets at 2 am....unless you are one of them! Cheers!
Check it out!
Gor G. Jun 8, 2013
This place is small and a bit grimy, and since I'm a hot mess when the sun goes down and the liquor touches the lips I had an amazing time here celebrating my BFF's 30th birthday. We came here on a Saturday night and they were spinning old school hip hop and R&B. I love my electro music, but I have to say it was really quite refreshing from the unce unce unce found at every other bar/club these days. There was a short line out the door but nothing that wasn't bearable. Ladies were free, men paid $5. Drinks were decent but can't give any input on the price since these were graciously bought for by my generous manfriend. There's a small dancefloor which is packed where the DJ is. The only downside of this place is that the bathroom is where the dance floor is and there's only two single stalls (no distinction b/w men and women). So you have to wiggle your way through sweating dancing drunk bodies to take a leak. This place is for the unpretentious and for those who just want to have a good time with their friends. Double Dutch won't be for those who come for the ambiance, it's for those who bring their own.
Old School had a fling with Top 40,...
Nancy L. May 20, 2013
...and Double Dutch is supposedly the love child. Apparently, Double Dutch was one of the last of a dying breed of clubs / bars that still play good ol' hip-hop (since most music is "evolving" into that overproduced EMD crap). Being a hip-hop head (and, more specifically, being a child of the 90s - I LOVE 90S HIP-HOP FOREVER AND A DAY!!), I was itchin' for Double Dutch to reopen after it temporarily shut its doors. When Double Dutch finally did, I managed to kidnap one of my girls and we hightailed it over to Double Dutch, expecting a nostalgic night of non-stop 90s and hip-hop. Sigh. Unfortunately, we left early and we left a little disappointed. "¿Por qué?" First, the good news: - No cover. - No dress code. (In face, if you want to "blend in," I'd recommend going casual. And, if you really want to "do as the Romans do," go hipster.) - Sure, it's a teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy dive-y venue but, I didn't expect anything more or less. Now, the not-so-good news. - The place is so tiny, y'all better be prepared to "throw them 'bows" if you want room to dance. My girl and I weren't aggressive enough and we were edged all the way to back of the room, in front of the bathroom door (yes, there is only one co-ed bathroom and yes, it's all the way at the end of the bar by the DJ booth) as we awkwardly apologized to the peeps waiting for the bathroom in the makeshift line for bangin' into them while dancing. Dancing FAIL. But, even bigger FAIL - the freakin' floor plan. - What happened to the promise of 90s and old school hip-hop? I heard waaaay more Pitbull than Tribe Called Quest. Don't get me wrong - I love me some Pitbull. But, the DJ didn't do the best job of mixing and the song selection was some weird fusion of Latino-inspired "old school," 80s, and rock n' roll. Two words: False advertising. :( - No eye candy. All that said, I'd probably give Double Dutch another chance to redeem itself. If Double Dutch truly is one of the few remaining venues to play hip-hop, I've gotta do what I can do preserve this endangered species!! Do me a favor and pay a visit to Double Dutch. Play a part in saving hip-hop. Sponsor this lil' (love) child today.
Hip a Hoping
Rachel G. Nov 7, 2012
I was pretty turned off by this place the second I stepped in. I first saw a sign on the wall that said beware of pick-pocketers. I initially found it funny, but as I sat at the bar with my camera the bar tender ran up to me and told to me to put that thing away. At this point there is NO one in the bar but me, my friend, and another group of girls. Apparently theft is common here and from that moment on I was initially turned off by this place. I have yet to go back and change my opinion, I am interested in doing so though...
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