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Cat Club A popular watering hole for tatted metalheads and over-pierced punks, Cat Club is a twisted dance hall where karaoke, bondage, and 80s pop live together in perfect harmony. San Francisco United States 37.7752966 -122.4098966
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Cat Club - Bar | Club in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review A popular watering hole for tatted metalheads and over-pierced punks, Cat Club is a twisted dance hall where karaoke, bondage, and 80s pop live together in perfect harmony. Motown nights, regular wedding ceremonies, and... ... read full review

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    BART: Civic Center
    MUNI F, J, KT, L, M, N Lines: Civic Center

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    Tu–Su 9pm–2am
    Hours may shift depending on event
    May open on Mondays for holidays or special events
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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Cat Club Review

The Scene

A popular watering hole for tatted metalheads and over-pierced punks, Cat Club is a twisted dance hall where karaoke, bondage, and 80s pop live together in perfect harmony.

A popular watering hole for tatted metalheads and over-pierced punks, Cat Club is a twisted dance hall where karaoke, bondage, and 80s pop live together in perfect harmony.

Motown nights, regular wedding ceremonies, and who knows what else fill the rest of the docket, but one thing’s for sure – even though the clientele changes slightly based on the night, nobody shows up to just sit quietly in a corner.

Black curtains frame the entrance to the front room, where disco balls and an industrial go-go cage loom ominously above the chipped and uneven floor. Swarms of studded, spiked, and knee-high-socked college kids lounge on the distressed leather couches near the first bar, or shout through the music in front of a backdrop of ornate gothic mirrors.

The back room collects moshers and headbangers, who gleefully tip back nightly specials at the second bar or thrash in front of the small stage, while a large screen projects music videos overhead. On most nights, two DJs deliver an eclectic mix of punk, new-wave, classic 80s, and house, drawing both diehard young club-hoppers and older dudes reliving their glory days.

Although it may be reminiscent of a vampire’s dungeon, Cat Club hosts enough variety for at least nine lifetimes of party purrfection.

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Tip from Jonah:

Not a fan of karaoke? No problem – the sing-along nights here aren’t what you’d expect. Head to the back room on Tuesdays for gothic/industrial karaoke!

  • Crowd

    Mixed bag of goths, punks, metalheads, rock and roll devotees, groups of girls, exuberant partiers, and club-hoppers, early 20s to late 40s+.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Two separate DJs spin a mix of punk, new-wave, classic 80s, house, dark electro, industrial, new wave, and goth. Karaoke on Tuesdays, bondage shows on Wednesdays, Motown on Sundays. Occasional live underground bands. Caged go-go dancers. Video projection screen.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food. Smoking patio.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $0–$10. Beer $4+, cocktails $5+. Coat check $2+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Dress code: All black “dress to impress” required for Bondage-A-Go-Go on Wednesday nights, with no sports attire, kicks, or sandals. Anything goes other nights: jeans, leather jackets, ripped shirts, knee-high socks, loose dresses.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night there’s a theme of interest, or Fridays and Saturdays for special featured DJs.

  • Close By

    Anon Salon (285 9th Street) is a labyrinthine dance club known for its electronic music, multiple decorated playrooms, and open rooftop.

Cat Club User Reviews

Average rating:
Head over right Meow
Olivia G. Jun 10, 2013
Recently discovered this gem of the SOMA district and immediately fell in love. A friend of mine decided to round up the troops and head to Cat Club for their version of 80's night, and boy do they have this blast from the past down to a fine art. Two rooms bumping the best of the 80's filled with people dressed to a T in their best 80's themed outfits (I brought out the overall shorts paired with leg-warmers and a magenta windbreaker). Screens set-up for your music video viewing pleasure, there's even a cage to dance in if you're feeling frisky ;) Bottle service available upon request, but the drinks are pretty stiff from what I recall of the evening. There's all sorts of events happening during the week and weekend, so if the 80's aren't your idea of a fun night out maybe karaoke or bondage tickles your fancy.
Darkwave at Cats
Megan A. May 1, 2013
The Cat Club in SoMa is one of the best Darkwave centric bars in the city. From Bondage-a-Go-Go on Wednesday, to 80s on Thursday, and independent parties on Friday and Saturday, you can find the right mix for you throughout the month. 80s Thursday is a great bet for mingling and having a cheap night out; doors at 9p, free before 9:30p and $2 well drinks for the first hour to get the party started. Generally speaking, the back room is darker in tone than the front room. The bar is long with two large dance floors, one up front to great you when you walk in the door, and the other all the way in the back past the manned coat check and bathrooms. Two full service bars serve both rooms, with credit cards honored in the front, and excellent bartenders. Cat Club is also home to Strangelove, Dark Shadows, and The Witching Hour, so bring your blackest finery.
Curiosity won't kill these cats
Jordan T. Feb 22, 2013
The virtues of San Francisco’s diversity are embraced at the Cat Club; the melting pot population of the city can come together and melt a little bit more during weekly event nights spanning from Bondage A GO GO Wednesdays (a sadistic carnival of sin) to an 80s dance party on Thursdays (where neon spandex pants create a plumage of colors on the dance floor with such enthusiasm that you’d think the 80s were only yesteryear, rather than twenty plus years in the past). These regular events, including Kor Karaoke on Tuesdays, are punctuated by other infrequent and unique happenings like Dark Shadows; The Witching Hour; & Club Leisure (much of the music moves across the map: indie/electro/ goth/ 90s/mod/britpop/post punk). Regardless of your style(s) and favorite party music, just about anyone can have a great time at Cat Club— even if they have to step out of their comfort zone (if you're not used to racy cosplay and self-severing debauchery). The south of Market neighborhood on Folsom has a great vibe and the age range of patrons is 20s to the late 40s. You will find that most people are on the darker sides of their respective spectrum—steampunk, goths, metalheads, rockabilly, club-hoppers, and young girls just looking to have fun—but any walk of life can revel in an atmosphere that is always down-to-earth (in a gritty kind of way). The drinks aren’t complex in flavor or form, but you can’t beat the price of rum and coke at 5 bucks (well drinks all around?). But, hey, it’s all about the energy on the dances floors. The moment you walk in you find yourself on a small dance floor bound by the end of the front bar and an industrial go-go cage just to the right. If you show up later in the night you may find yourself fighting past a crowd as you ascend a ramp that leads to the bathrooms, coat check, and then on the back bar surrounded by a second dance floor with a large projection screen bubbling with music videos. The split in the club tends to create two cosmoses where patrons flow freely between two worlds (usually the back room is used for special exhibits like featured DJs and lovely bondage displays on Wednesdays involving ropes, whips, and chains). Beyond a dress code of all black for Bondage A Go Go nights (no Giants jerseys or tennis shoes), you’re free to dress how you please for your late night out.
Kitty Kats
Rachel G. Nov 7, 2012
Not my type of club/bar, but for those I am about to describe you will LOVE IT. This place is like stepping into a London 80's night club. Spinning vintage 80's and euro-pop music, this club is a go to place for the older crowd who miss their nightclubs from their teenage years. One of their most popular night's is indeed the 80's night. There are two rooms, one in the front and another one towards the back with full-run bars to fill all your drinking needs.
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