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AsiaSF "AsiaSF in San Francisco's SoMa district is a popular club featuring stunning male ""gender illusionist"" dancers. Join the sexy fun in SF with Party Earth." San Francisco United States 37.775006 -122.413144
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AsiaSF - Gay Bar | Gay Club | Restaurant in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review The servers at AsiaSF have to be absolutely gorgeous, with perfect long legs, ample breasts, and sculpted buns that could crush a coconut. Oh, and they all have to be Asian men. More on that in a second. A favorite venue... ... read full review

  • Metro:

    BART: Civic Center
    MUNI F, J, KT, L, M, N Lines: Civic Center

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  • Hours:

    W–Th, Su 7–10pm, F 7pm–1:30am, Sa 5pm–1:30am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth AsiaSF Review

The Scene

"AsiaSF in San Francisco's SoMa district is a popular club featuring stunning male ""gender illusionist"" dancers. Join the sexy fun in SF with Party Earth."

The servers at AsiaSF have to be absolutely gorgeous, with perfect long legs, ample breasts, and sculpted buns that could crush a coconut.

Oh, and they all have to be Asian men. More on that in a second.

A favorite venue for boisterous bachelorette parties, it’s not unusual to see large groups of giggling girls strolling down the entryway’s red carpet, where a paparazzi-style photographer waits to snap everyone’s picture on Fridays and Saturdays.

The expansive ground floor restaurant is surrounded by color-changing shoji screens and lined with modish round tables, but the centerpiece is undoubtedly the massive bar that serves as a performance stage for the famous “women” of AsiaSF.

Doubling as waitresses and cocktail servers, these “gender illusionists” deliver Cal-Asian platters to the patrons, though food is definitely an afterthought for the celebratory clientele. They’re all waiting to see these sexy gal-dudes climb atop the bar to lip-synch, dance, and strip down as everyone hoots and hollers.

While it’s true that folks may pay a bit extra for the entrées, the moneyed businessmen, brides-to-be, and birthday boys clapping and dancing along don’t seem to mind the price considering that the ladies – who usually incorporate the audience into their shows – come with it.

After the last performance, festive friends keep the party going by heading to the brick basement nightclub, where DJs spin Top 40 beneath pulsing lights and disco balls.

Promising a unique bit of fun, AsiaSF is a quintessential San Francisco experience for those with both open minds and open pocketbooks.

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Tip from Emma:

Friday and Saturday nights at AsiaSF are amazing. You walk in and immediately get the star treatment, with photographers snapping your photo throughout the whole evening. It’s like being at a big Hollywood event. The next day, all you have to do is ‘Like’ their Facebook page to get your photos.

  • Crowd

    Big bachelorette parties, birthday groups, anniversary gatherings, older business travelers, and lots of open-minded tourists, mid-20s to mid-40s. The first show of every evening allows those under 21.

  • Entertainment / Music

    “Gender Illusionists” perform two shows at each dinner seating. DJ spins Top 40 downstairs F–Sa from 7pm.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Three-course prix fix menu for parties of five and under, family style menu for parties of six or more. Dinner seating W–Th, Su 7:15pm, F 7:15pm and 9:15pm, Sa 5pm, 7:15pm, and 9:15pm. Reservations suggested.

  • Prices

    No cover charge. Prix fixe menus $35–$69. Beer $6–$8, wine $9–$14, cocktails $9–$13, shots $6–$10. Family style menu varies depending on party size.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Stylish and sexy: button-downs, blazers, flashy shirts, mini cocktail dresses, fitted denim, fun and edgy accessories.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights for the most scheduled dance performances, though reservations are highly recommended.

  • Close By

    About a mile away is Divas Nightclub & Bar (1081 Post Street), a popular transgender club with equally stunning ladies, cheap drinks, and a primarily gay crowd.

AsiaSF User Reviews

Average rating:
A true SF Must!!
Courteney K. Aug 27, 2013
So, I'm going to start off with a small disclaimer: I am friends with one of Asia SF's finest "gal" performers--one of my fiance's best friends from his twenties who back then was Matt, but is now Jenni. Maybe I'm a little biased, but whether Jenni was in it or not, I would have still loved the show all the same. Here's why: There are amazingly good looking "gender illusionists" everywhere you look! If you're in San Francisco, you should know that you're in a place all about celebrating diversity and this place does just that! San Francisco's open-minded attitude and progressive culture are completely represented at AsiaSF and the celebration of LGBT pride is all there for you to enjoy! From the skits and dancing on stage, to the cute, kinky themed drinks at the bar, this place is all about energy and fun! The Asian-fusion style food that is served is enjoyable, but it isn't the bread and butter of the evening. The bread and butter is the shenanigans unfolding around you. Grown men doing body shots off the performer's cleavage, special lap dances for the soon-to-be bride and the fun you make with your group at the event taking in a unique and special ambiance. Also, be sure to hit the secret underground dance floor below the venue afterwards. A definite must that the cool kids know about :) Last time I went, they had a special promo going on where they gave everyone free rainbow underwear. You never know what could happen and that's part of the fun!
A FABULOUS place to celebrate
Julie G. Jun 8, 2013
If you're looking for a place to celebrate a bachelorette, birthday or coming out party- THIS IS THE PLACE! AsiaSF is nothing other than fabulous. I came here to celebrate a friends birthday and was thoroughly entertained. They even made custom menus with the birthday girls names on the menu. A great goody to take home! The menu was prefixed because of our large crowd, but the food was delicious. We were served several Asian fusion styled appetizers to share. The waitresses were the most beautiful drag queens I've ever seen! The sassiest ones as well! Eventually they forced the two birthday girls to take "blow job" shots from certain areas of their bodies. Yes, the night went that direction. Only here! All the fabulous waitresses eventually did their own solo dance performances to their favorite songs on the stage in the middle of the room. It was wildly sexy and entertaining. After our meal, we headed downstairs to the dance floor. I wasn't sure how the dance floor would be since it seemed like more of a dinner show kind of place. I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone was getting down and having a great time! Literally stayed until my friend popped her knee out! (so much for ending your birthday, huh?) Before coming to AsiaSF remember to make a reservation! This is a popular place and it gets packed! Also bring money. It is expensive, but worth the money. The experience you will have here is unlike anywhere else in San Francisco.
Pricey but worth it
Kyle N. Apr 28, 2013
If you're visiting San Francisco absolutely make a reservation at Asia SF. The 'City by the Bay'' is well known for its free-spirited attitude and acceptance of the LBGT community. No place in the world could be a better backdrop for the lovely gender illusionists of Asia SF. Dinner is served in smaller portions, so it's best to come with a group and split a variety of dishes because the food here is delicious. The restaurant has a smaller bar and club downstairs where you can enjoy a pre-show cocktail. Each lady has a signature drink so sample a few and head upstairs for one of the best drag shows you'll ever see. The production value of the shows is incredible featuring choreography, costume changes, and plenty of crowd interaction. The ladies will make sure you get your money’s worth but plan on spending a pretty penny as I found the drinks and meal to be a bit on the expensive side.
Bachelorette party galore
Anné J. Apr 25, 2013
This is the type of place that looks (super) skeezy from the outside, then cheers you up once you grace the door. AsiaSF does everything they can to please you - down to personalized menus for large parties with reservations (hint: it's their regular menu with "Happy Birthday Yvonne!" typed across the top, for example) and tasty, speedy drinks brought by attractive servers. This is an all-out party for anyone involved, despite their sexual orientation. The "ladies" parade up and down the bar to festive tunes such as "Can't Fight the Moonlight" (Coyote Ugly, anyone?), though I must warn - these are the most stunning transgender folks you've ever seen. You'll have to do a double take to believe it's not actually Rihanna sashaying across bottles of Jack Daniels to grab your dollar bill with her teeth. A bit overplayed and certainly overhyped, but AsiaSF is worth a trip for the memories alone.
Drinks, Drag, Dinner...Done
Sara D. Apr 2, 2013
We didn't plan on dining here, but I'm sure glad we did, even though the food wasn't what had my attention the whole night. If I had seen any of the women that work there on the street I would have thought they weren't drag queens, just really hot chicks. The performances aren't as eye-popping and jaw-dropping as the queens that lip-sync for their lives, but you still wouldn't wanna blink while anyone is dropping it like it's hot on the bar in 6-inch heels. AsiaSF is most-definitely a must-do if you are in the bay area; you will not regret it.
If you must
Kt K. Nov 26, 2012
The food is delicious, and the drinks are well-crafted, but the alluring waitresses are the real center of Asia SF, and they give a performance to remember. The better performance, though, is by the middle aged businessmen and women taking shots out of waitress cleavage and generally freaking out. If gender ambiguity doesn't faze you, you'll find the theatrics silly, but it's supposed to be a little cheesy. There is a club below that was populated with Cougars night out. Overall, Asia SF is great for those who want the SF "gay experience" without hitting the Castro. Native Bay Areans in their 20s could probably pass as a group, but should take their parents for a good laugh.
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