111 Minna Gallery

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111 Minna Gallery With stark white walls, gnarled wooden sculptures, and wide-open dance floors, 111 Minna is what might happen if an art gallery and bar/restaurant gave birth to a club. San Francisco United States 37.787429 -122.399384
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111 Minna Gallery - Art Gallery | Bar | Club | Event Space | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review With stark white walls, gnarled wooden sculptures, and wide-open dance floors, 111 Minna is what might happen if an art gallery and bar/restaurant gave birth to a club. During the day, the two-room venue doubles... ... read full review

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    BART: Montgomery
    MUNI J, KT, L, M, N Lines: Metro Montgomery Station

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  • Hours:

    Tu–W 5–10pm, Th 5pm–midnight, F–Sa 5pm–2am
    Gallery open W–F noon–5pm; Hours frequently vary due to special events and promotions; Check venue calendar

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth 111 Minna Gallery Review

The Scene

With stark white walls, gnarled wooden sculptures, and wide-open dance floors, 111 Minna is what might happen if an art gallery and bar/restaurant gave birth to a club.

With stark white walls, gnarled wooden sculptures, and wide-open dance floors, 111 Minna is what might happen if an art gallery and bar/restaurant gave birth to a club.

During the day, the two-room venue doubles as a gallery, attracting erstwhile creative types and trendy intellectuals with widely varied rotating exhibits. Displays change every month in this urban loft space, and feature local and international shows that run the gamut from brilliantly colored natural landscapes to abstract figurative portraits.

Patrons, consequently, enjoy a diverse mix of art, as well as a diverse mix of fellow visitors. Tatted-up twenty-somethings are just as likely to be sipping a beer at one of the two bars as are fifty-year-old professors, while scruffy art students over-analyze the display near the emergency exit until someone informs them it’s just the ATM machine.

Evenings after 10pm can – though not always – bring the club vibe, when promoters book DJs who spin everything from house and techno to 80s throwbacks and Top 40. If the DJs aren’t spinning, there might be a live band, performance piece, dance showcase, or any number of other special events.

Critics may try to classify it, but anyone who has been to 111 Minna more than once knows it’s impossible to put this multi-faceted spot into a box – and if they did, curators would simply put it on display, and everyone would do an interpretive dance around it.

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Tip from Emma:

You can purchase all of the art on display, but keep the drinking in check if you plan to buy. Nothing worse than waking up next to an ugly piece of art!

  • Crowd

    Artists and their hangers-on, aesthetes, students, intellectuals, pseudo-intellectuals, urban hipsters, business types, dance fiends, clubbers, and confused tourists, 20s to 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Exhibits change every month and feature a diverse assortment of local and international art, including paintings, sculpture, and photography. Other events include frequent charity benefits, dance nights, social mixers, and readings. Check venue website for calendar of events.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Food options during special events vary widely. ATM on site. Happy Hour W/F 5–7pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $0–$15 (higher for most art shows and special events). Beer $4–$7, wine $5–$8, cocktails $7–$12, bottle service $200+ available on Fridays and Saturdays only; forms must be submitted online for bottle service.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    From hipster trendy to high-end: leather jackets, blouses, scarves, blazers, sweaters, button-downs, cocktail dresses, white T-shirts, jeans.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    The best night is inexorably tied to the weekly events, so patrons should check the website to find a happening of interest.

  • Close By

    Dada (86 2nd Street) is a cozy little laid-back dive with great Happy Hour specials and free popcorn.

111 Minna Gallery User Reviews

Average rating:
Great party atmosphere
Ed M. May 14, 2013
I've been here several times for art and film festival related parties over the years. Offers a cool blend of art, music, drinks, and a dancing as the night progressed. It's in a easy to reach location just blocks away from Market Street and BART for those who don't want to drive into into the city and find parking. Plenty of space inside and good overall vibe. It's also just down the street from several high-end hotels if you want to keep the party going overnight.
Great art & atmosphere + good drinks + cool people = terrific night
wah y. Mar 22, 2013
One of the better Saturday night hang outs in the City. They almost always have a good DJ playing, the mixed drinks are solid and there are always interesting people to meet. I love the concept behind Minna and wish there were similar spots closer to home. Art, music, drinks, and a little dancing (if you're up to it) = a good night. This is a place I could see myself hanging out at, and not even on just on a "club" night. In fact, I'd prefer returning on a weeknight to check out a few of their more laid back events. As far as the venue itself, it was spacious, well ventilated, and not nearly as sardine-packed as most other lounges/bars. Big plus!
Rachel G. Nov 13, 2012
111 Minna Gallery This is a great venue and very versatile. I have seen a lot of different things happen in this space and some interesting things develop here! I love how the space is a bit like a black box where you can create the space you want. During the day you can find yourself stepping into a world of art and design, but at night you can see a whole new world. The night turns into a nightclub with chic people and funky DJ’s. The type of people that come here are city socialites and hipsters alike. Some of the most fashionable people in the city come here to serve a good night.
Excellent location, great space, fantastic programming
Ed H. Oct 4, 2012
111 Minna is arguably the most eclectic event space in the city. Located in the heart of SOMA's clubland and just a few blocks from BART, the Financial District, the Moscone Center, and a museum district, 111 Minna is perfectly situated to offer a smorgasbord of after-work fun. A sampling of events that I've attended at 111 Minna: -Drinkentrepreneurs: Drinking + Entrepreneurs = excellent networking opportunities -Auctions -Art Shows -DJs spinning all varieties of electronica and drum & bass -Live music performances Most importantly for me, it's a space that offers terrific opportunities to mingle and network after work with professionals, artists, and other types who I wouldn't normally encounter frequenting other establishments. Frequently I find that 111 Minna charges a cover, but the cover is rarely more than $10 and the event is almost always worth the price of admission.
Great event space!
Nick S. Oct 4, 2012
111 Minna has tons of ongoing art and other events, so this place has something different to offer every time. The art exhibits from various artists on the walls can range from amazing to weird to was-this-done-by-a-fourht-grader? High ceilings give the space a great modern vibe, and I have seen everything from standup comedy to live music to photography talks here. How you feel about this place is really tied to what event you see, so it’s hard to give it just one cohesive review. I would suggest checking their endless calendar for something that looks cool and heading over. Or just throwing a dart on the schedule and leaving it to chance, but if you do that and hate the event, don’t give up. There’s always something new tomorrow.
Cool venue, good music
Paula P. Aug 6, 2012
So I say that "You'll really like it" but I think it kind of depends on what you're looking for. For me, music is probably the most important part of a club atmosphere. I could be in a huge ocean-front club, chilling on a plush white leather sofa, and having a miserable time if I don't like the music that's playing. However, I could be in a small, cramped and crowded pub having an amazing time if I can sing-a-long and dance with friends. So, the venue itself is pretty cool, the vibe is less hipstery than I thought, considering it is an art gallery. It's got a pretty wide open dance floor, in fact I think there are two and each room has a DJ but I spent most of my time in the front room. I didn't need to do any more drinking by the time I got there so I couldn't tell you if the drinks are strong or good but other people seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was a "back to the 90s night" and I LOVE 90s music, that stuff is my childhood, so I had a fantastic time and I danced for as long as I could until I realized I was hungry for some late-night pizza. I would have had even more fun if my buzz hadn't been a bit killed by the lady who was collecting cover charge - it was my friends birthday month and on the website it said if you RSVP'd they would let you in for free so when he emailed them they said that he could get in free as well as two of his friends so we all expected to get in free but the lady ended up saying we weren't on the list to get in free and we all had to pay five dollars. My friend was mad (and drunk) so I think he caused a bit of a scene and she started getting upset... It was awkward. I didn't mind paying the 5 dollars since it was less than the normal cover charge which was 10 that night. However, it kinda sucks being lied to about getting in for free so I would double and triple check with them when you RSVP if you're expecting to get in for free.
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