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1015 Folsom 1015 Folsom in San Francisco. . Photos, videos, maps, and event schedule. San Francisco United States 37.778177 -122.40587
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1015 Folsom - Nightclub in San Francisco.
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1015 Folsom Videos

DJ Z-Trip live @ 1015 Folsom San Francisco 2.19.09
DJ Z-Trip live @ 1015 Folsom San Francisco 2.19.09
Dubfire in san fransisco at 1015 folsom. 5/22/10 (closing)
Madlib. Live at 1015 Folsom, San Francisco, Feb 2011
The Donnas at 1015 Folsom 1/25/08
DJ Z-Trip Bittersweet Symphony Finale @ 1015 Folsom San Francisco 2.19.09
Flosstradamus Live @ 1015 Folsom, SF
Phutureprimitive - 1015 Folsom
DJ Z-Trip @ 1015 Folsom San Francisco 2.19.09

1015 Folsom User Reviews

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A money juggernaut that's lost its soul
Patrick F. Aug 26, 2013
1015 Folsom is far and away the hottest club in San Francisco these days and it did quite a lot to earn that title. The promoters and organizers there have learned to put together some of the most memorable nightlife experiences for San Francisco partygoers, and continue to throw insane parties with ridiculously top-notch talent that make it near impossible to not dance your ass off until the wee hours of the A.M. However, while the parties remain just as raucous as ever, 1015 Folsom has morphed from a club for music-loving party people into a club for party-loving party people that is more concerned with its bottom line than it is about the experience of its patrons. In 2010 and 2011, a night at 1015 Folsom (or 103 Harriet, depending on the night), entailed great musical (usually electronic) talent and a good crowd of music enthusiasts that were engaged and present to dance and enjoy the performance of that high level talent. Over the course of the past two years, though, the taste of the successes that came from these kinds of nights has led the management of 1015 to often over-sell the club, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere of party animals who seem oblivious to the musical nature of the events, instead looking to buy molly or acid off of the first person they see wearing dreadlocks. And while the club obviously cannot condone this kind of mentality within its newer patrons, the staff their turns a constant blind eye to this activity and the management doesn't seem to have any desire to make any noticeable changes in the near future. Like I said 1015 is undeniably the hottest club in San Francisco right now, booking all of the hottest names in the electronic music scene right now and even some notable hip-hop and rap acts, and it certainly earned that title. However, if you're looking to go and enjoy some live music and dance comfortably to the sounds of an artist you enjoy and not looking to drown in a sea of severely intoxicated bodies, this club is almost certainly not for you anymore. With all of that being said, there's no place in San Francisco that can guarantee you the kind of madness that 1015 Folsom is capable of, so if you're in town and looking for wild shit-show of a party, its certainly not the place to miss.
Great venue. Big sound. Varied clientele. Affordable... 3 out of 4 stars!
Michaela O. Aug 7, 2013
With over 150,000 watts of sound and three floors with multiple rooms to keep your interest - 1015 Folsom is the place to go if you like your beats loud (and your bass down low)... Known for electronic music for the most part, 1015 regularly brings a variety of locally well-known and Big Name DJs to the venue, as well as regular yearly events, fashion, live and performance art and the odd Hip Hop act or Live Band show. The music tends to be very loud, as people come there to party and dance more than to socialize. It does tend to have a bit of the "be seen scene" vibe too, though.... Definitely a place to feel like a cool SF hipster if you're only in for a visit. (The decor will make just about anyone look like they're in a sexy music video!) Like most competing well-known Bay Area venues, the crowd tends to vary a lot depending on the acts who are playing there. Though they boast a certain sex appeal (and rightfully so), there is no dress code and one can find a very wide array of party-going types without all of the pretense at this venue. If you prefer a more buttoned-up classy vibe when you go out, this may not always be the venue for you, but if you like to dance and you don't care who you do it with, you'll love this place! Open until 3 or 4am on weekends, 1015 Folsom is usually packed almost to capacity by the end of the night - from the outdoor smoking patio to the sexy white leather lounge with stripper poles, to the main room equipped with a HUGE sound system, to each of the bars attended by one sexy drink-slinging individual or another... even to the classy bathrooms it's packed! Drink prices are reasonable and shows typically are in the $10-20 range, excluding events with larger names, such as last years legendary appearance by rapper Method Man. With just over 28,000 likes on facebook, you can be pretty sure to have a good time because numbers like that don't lie!
An Electric State of Mind
Olivia G. Jun 10, 2013
Despise the clubbing scene and sick of the usual bar scene? Want something fun to do after the rest of the city goes to sleep at 2am? 1015 Folsom has the club vibe without the pretentious feeling of who in and who stays out. No need to dress up, just a fun place for those who are looking for a casual place to dance, listen to underground electronic DJs from around the world, and let your artistic soul fly with random art exhibitions (sometimes live!). Multiple levels exist so you're never bored of being in the same place, the incredible sound system found in each space are what makes this venue worthy of checking out.
New York City Travelers, Immerse Yourself.
Ryan E. Jun 6, 2013
This multilevel, full-immersion music experience is unlike any other in San Francisco. 1015 is just the kind of lovechild melding music and art you hope to experience traveling through the Bay Area. Drawing in both well-known and underground musical talent-- usually of the house, dubstep, or trance variety-- 1015 continuously houses great vibes with some of the most relaxed party-goers around. You'll also get to experience some of the most innovative projection technology you'll see in a venue of this size. The main floor-level room boasts projection mapping floor-to-ceiling, illuminating two levels of dance floors and overlooks. The crowd is always friendly; usually you'll see DJs in the crowd, face painters. mural-painters, hula hoopers, burners, ravers, and that guy who pulls off a day-glow Polo shirt. With consistent, impressive names in the industry playing weekly, a decent price, and a unique mix of party-goers, this place is worth the entry line that sometimes forms outside. Let's not forget the bass: oh the bass! Normally, floor-level rooms have confined or muffled sound; here, the sound is full and gut-pounding. New York City transplants, 1015 is what you had always hoped Webster Hall would be.
Great Latin Nigts
Carlos S. Jun 3, 2013
Been there once. On a Saturday night cover is fairly cheap and drinks are ok, but when it comes to music and variety its a most. 3 different areas with different music and you could say different crowds. the night i went the place was packed, not a soul could get in. Great place and a definite must if you are looking for some Latin music with and a great place
Spot for the Chillers.
Gregory Y. May 24, 2013
Whether you are a SF native, or visiting from out of town, 1015 Folsom is a great venue for all to stop by and check out! This venue withholds a distinctive party vibe that is unique to the San Francisco night life. The crowd is extremely diverse, yet seems to hold a unified goal to simply have as much fun as possible.There is no dress code, all are welcome, free from any kind of judgement. The interior aesthetics of the venue provides a mysterious, yet enticingly unique setting and experience. The venue is composed of 3 separate floor levels inter-connected with one another, featuring multiple bars and Dance floors blasting fresh and tasteful music. If you enjoy heavy bass music, underground electronic, and progressive experimental beats, you will find yourself at home. Each and every weekend 1015 Folsom brings in unique amazing artists that have made a name for themselves in their respected genres, as well as up and coming underground artists that are promising. The eclectic music reverberates through the venue and bodies of the crowd, pounding and pulsing, pushing you further into an ultimate awakening and livening experience that is absolutely astounding. If you are looking to lose yourself in the music, and dance the night away with fellow "chillers", 1015 Folsom is the place to be.
Late Night Beats
Babak H. May 15, 2013
There's nothing else in San Francisco quite like 1015 Folsom. This artsy nightclub is massive, featuring multiple rooms and dance floors with a wide variety of music. This is a place to dance like nobody's watching. Lots of underground electronic music, bass music, hip-hop, and more. The beats are in full effect. Every weekend, 1015 puts on top-notch, high-production events, all of which are well worth the cover charge. A night at 1015 Folsom isn't a typical night out clubbing; it's an experience. Most events go on far later than the 2 a.m. last call, and some of the bigger events (such as the epic annual Chinese New Year party) even go on well-after sunrise. There's no real dress code. Just be yourself and expect a guaranteed good time at 1015 Folsom. Party people, this is your Mecca.
Get Ready to Stay Up Late
Sheree W. May 2, 2013
When I first moved to San Francisco, I wanted to know where to dance. 1015 Folsom is more than I could have hoped for. I attended an electro show with a friend of mine on my first visit, and was mesmerized by the incredible work from artists projected on a screen behind the stage. The floor of the big gym-like area was packed and people danced with reckless abandon as lights flashed overhead. The smaller front room was even more of a dance party. My only complaint was that I wasn't prepared to stay up all night, and left at 1 a.m. with three bands still waiting to go onstage. Definitely go on a night when sleep isn't a priority, because once you're here you won't want to leave.
Futuristic Disco for the Artistic MInded
megan g. Apr 19, 2013
1015 Folsom is a futuristic disco that is a magnet for some of the most artistic people in San Francisco. Unlike other clubs, dressing conservatively is not the norm around these parts. If you want to go out and at least see some eye candy, this is surely the place. Folsom tends to host an eclectic variety of music and performances, but definitely gears toward the fantastic spotlighting events such as Bicycle Day and the Chinese New Year. The energy is always buzzing, and the place is always filled. The multiple rooms keep Folsom exciting and new. If you don't like one room, step into another with a completely different vibe and music. Decor is always mind blowing as well- ceilings devoured with sacred geometry and local artists hanging their pieces on the walls. Definitely always a fun time and plenty of space to explore and have a magical experience.
Eclectic crowd with hit-or-miss beats
Kelsey K. Apr 18, 2013
Here is a club with no expectations, just weird folk and diverse events. Sometimes used as an art gallery, 1015 Folsom caters to many different crowds and the multiple dance floors allows for some choice in scenery. Much like Public Works, 1015 has its share of burners, clubbers, and sometimes ravers. Showcasing bigger names like Shlohmo and Blackbird Blackbird can cause a big line out the door so on those nights its best to get there early. Otherwise, the lines at 1015 whether it's to get in or get a drink are not usually ridiculous. Definitely get ready for a night of dancing and exploration as this club is full of possibilities.
If You're In the Mood For Something Different, Come Here
Drew K. Mar 5, 2013
Sick and tired of having to get all dressed up and make your way through fake conversations with random people at bars? 1015 Folsom is a perfect place to escape from the typical bar scene and get downright funky. This club is absolutely huge and typically has three or four different dance floors on a given night, all playing different kinds of (mostly EDM) music. The dress code is incredibly lax and the crowd will definitely give you its fair share of hippies, some of whom may not believe in wearing deodorant. But there is no party like 1015 that provides a place to just get grimy and dance into the late hours of the night. The sound systems are fantastic and although the club is always packed, the dance floors are big enough so that it is not too difficult to move around. There are plenty of bars all over the place, so getting a drink is not too big of a mission either. They also provide a lot of entertainment on their stages while the music is playing like dancers and cool visuals that only add to the shows. Cover is typically about $20, which is well worth the price of admission. The only minus is that lines can be LONG and it can cause the club to stop letting people in before midnight since it is so popular. Make sure you are with a fun crowd that is open to new and unique atmospheres, because the crowd can be overwhelming to some that do not enjoy going out of their comfort zone. If you are planning on a night here, make sure to come early and be prepared to leave late. You never know exactly what kind of crazy characters or experiences you are going to run into at 1015 Folsom. In my opinion, that's the best part.
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