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House of Nanking - Chinese Restaurant | Asian Restaurant in San Francisco.
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"Visiting Sanfran for the 1st time and my best friend advised me I need to try this place. Hip Chinese hipster joint kind of freak me out. This place ..." more


919 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

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Red's Place - Historic Bar in San Francisco.

Party Earth Review A bare-bones dive in the heart of Chinatown, Red’s Place is perpetually brimming with intrepid tourists and loquacious locals – some toothless ‘n’ smoking, some dapper ‘n’ swilling – who sway to the beats from a surprisingly shiny new jukebox atop squeaking vinyl stools. As regulars lock in for another round of Liar’s ... more


672 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

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Good for Groups in Chinatown Overview

House of Nanking - Chinese Restaurant | Asian Restaurant in Chinatown, SF

San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest of its kind in North America, home to the largest Chinese neighborhood outside of Asia, and surpasses even the Golden Gate Bridge as one of the city’s top tourist destinations. That said, there are more than enough activities that are good for groups in Chinatown.

Roving packs of visitors tend to stick to Grant Avenue, entering through the “Dragon Gate” at the intersection of Bush Street, where the sidewalks overflow with visitors buying up fabric, furniture, and trinkets from a seemingly endless array of kitschy shops.

Further up Grant, kite stores share blocks with antique importers like Old Shanghai, offering plenty of eclectic window shopping for curious crowds filling their day with the neighborhood’s many sights.

Hungry crews craving authentic cuisine head to Yuet Lee Seafood Restaurant, or take their pick from a plethora of traditional eateries, including the thousand-capacity dim sum paradise New Asia.

Drinking dens in this Chinatown tend to be small dives full of old men playing chess and chain smoking cigarettes at grungy hideaways like Sam Wo’s and Li Po Lounge, so anyone looking for traditionally classy nightlife will usually head elsewhere.

Full of sights, shopping, surprises, and smells, Chinatown groups are sure to find fun that the whole gang can agree on.

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