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Li Po Cocktail Lounge - Dive Bar | Historic Bar in San Francisco.

Party Earth Review Apart from its cave-like exterior and the big carved Buddha in a niche behind the bar, Li Po Cocktail Lounge is far from an ancient Chinese shrine. It was, however, formerly an opium den – at least that’s the rumor – and bartenders often spook visitors with tales of drug-addled ghosts showing up when people forget to tip ... more


916 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94108

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Asian / Beer / Blouses / Button-downs / Casual / Classic Rock / Conversational / Dive / Games / Gaming / Gambling / Grungy / Happy Hour / Hipster / Historic / Historic Bar / Jeans / Jukebox / Jukebox / Late 20s / Locals / Pub Crawlers / Rowdy / Shots / Skirts / Snack Food / Sports / T-shirts / TVs / Top 40 / Tourists / Video Games / Wi-Fi / World Music

Red's Place - Historic Bar in San Francisco.

Party Earth Review A bare-bones dive in the heart of Chinatown, Red’s Place is perpetually brimming with intrepid tourists and loquacious locals – some toothless ‘n’ smoking, some dapper ‘n’ swilling – who sway to the beats from a surprisingly shiny new jukebox atop squeaking vinyl stools. As regulars lock in for another round of Liar’s ... more


672 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

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Bars in Chinatown Overview

House of Nanking - Chinese Restaurant | Asian Restaurant in Chinatown, SF

Laying down its roots in the mid-nineteenth century, San Francisco’s Chinatown is home to the largest Chinese community outside of Asia. It’s also a popular neighborhood for wide-eyed tourists entranced by shops peddling furniture, fabrics, and every trinket imaginable.

The oldest bar in Chinatown is Red’s Place, which has been a part of the city’s beer-slinging business for more than 60 years. Attracting hipsters, dive lovers, adventurous tourists, middle-aged locals, and grizzled old dudes who’ve been coming for years, the joint offers three dozen brews along with some mind-scorching shots of Maotai, a 106-proof Chinese liquor.

For another Chinatown bars option that’s just a block away, Li Po Cocktail Lounge is a divey delight with strong Mai Tais that knock nearby hostel inhabitants on their behinds. Rumored to be housed in what was once an opium den, these days the spot plays host to a mix of young revelers, business types, and weary old men playing dice and dropping f-bombs in Mandarin.

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