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Gay Bars in the Castro Overview

Castro Theatre - Theater in Castro, SF

Often considered the social hub of the neighborhood they call home, Castro gay bars are some of the most celebratory places to spend a day or evening drinking in San Francisco.

In the wake of the civil rights movement that first took hold a decade earlier, the 1970s saw the first wave of gay men moving into Castro’s century-old Victorians, with iconic LGBT activists like Harvey Milk helping to create an enclave that remains a powerful stronghold of equal-rights activism to this day.

Gay bars in Castro commemorate the district’s freedom-loving sentiments, whether it’s at the many youth-centric watering holes down 18th Street, such as Toad Hall and SF Badlands, or at old stalwarts like Twin Peaks Tavern, the city’s – and possibly the country’s – first gay bar.

But don’t just expect to find muscled-up go-go boys and old queens at these haunts, because plenty of straight denizens and allies from all over are welcome to pull up a stool, regardless of sex, age, or sexuality.

Popular Castro Gay Bars

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