SF Cafés Overview

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For lovers of coffee, it doesn’t get much better than San Francisco cafés. SF denizens know how to take a little time out of their day to relax and enjoy a cup of java, and so should you.

Many cafés in SF are known for their artsy flare; places where great coffee, food, art, music, and people-watching converge in a wonderful way. Some cafés take their coffee as seriously as a religion, others appear to run some cheap grains through a paper towel and hope you won’t notice. Such is life. One thing is for sure, if there’s a café in SF near a park and the weather is nice, loads of people will be carrying their drinks to the grass.

Once the San Francisco fog settles back in, though, nothing beats cozying up with a book in a quiet café for a few hours. From the tourist-laden cafés in Fisherman’s Wharf to the dives along The Mission, no one has to look very far when searching for cafés in San Francisco. Maybe it’s the weather. Or maybe liberals just drink more coffee. Whatever the reason, it’s pretty hard to be more than a few blocks from a neighborhood café.

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