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Press Club - Lounge | Wine Bar in SF

With its proximity to the famed vineyard of Napa, it should hardly come as a surprise to even the biggest novice of the grape that there are lots of San Francisco wine bars to choose from. Enjoying a new varietal of almost any kind or price is easy in this town, for its denizens take their wine as seriously as they do progressive causes. Casual spots abound, making it easy for even the most budget-conscious to enjoy a bottle or two.

A great place to start on this end would be Amélie over in Nob Hill, a sleek and sexy haunt for casual jet-setters, European expats, and lovers of unique yet affordable wine. Uva Enoteca, several blocks east of the famous Haight-Ashbury intersection and all its hippy/tourist trappings, is a cozy little slice of Italy that stocks nothing but 100% Italian (and largely very affordable) varietals on the extensive drink list.

Notching up the swank quite a bit in SoMa is District, an open warehouse space with a giant, shiny U-shaped bar stocked with hundreds of palate-pleasing pourables, and Press Club, a cavernous subterranean lounge and wine bar popular with chic ladies and dedicated connoisseurs eager to sift, swirl, and sip their way through the evening.

The hunt for great wine bars in SF will not be a difficult one, but it certainly will be fun!

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