SF Sports Bars Overview

The Wreck Room - Sports Bar | Arcade in SF

San Francisco is known for many things around the world, but its denizens have always been very involved in their local sports teams, and San Francisco sports bars have been very involved in keeping those denizens happily sauced.

Made up of teams throughout the Bay Area, San Franciscans are blessed with unlimited sports options, and the varied SF sports bars work hard to keep those options on their giant flat-screens. Football nuts that can’t catch the 49ers or Raiders in person will have no trouble finding a sports bar carrying the game during the NFL season, and basketball fans will have equal ease following the action stool-side when the Golden State Warriors are on the court.

Catching the Giants at AT&T Park is a signature San Francisco treat, but if you can’t make it to this beautiful ocean-side stadium, just amble on over to the nearest sports bar in SF before the pitcher takes the mound with your own pitcher in hand. Official Oakland A’s sports bars have a strong showing both in Oakland and back across the bridge in SF, while even hockey and soccer get their deserved coverage when the San Jose Sharks and Earthquakes are playing.

From preppy sports bars in the Marina to gritty dives Downtown, almost every neighborhood in and around SF has at least a few solid sports bars where armchair athletes can get their fill all year long.

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