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Butter Deep-fried Twinkies and half an aluminum trailer crammed in the corner are only the beginning at Butter, San Francisco's most unapologetically white trash bar. San Francisco United States 37.771156 -122.413167
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Butter - Bar in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review Deep-fried Twinkies and half an aluminum trailer crammed in the corner are only the beginning at Butter, San Francisco’s most unapologetically white trash bar. The place looks like it was thrown together by an indecisive... ... read full review

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    MUNI F Line: Market Street & Van Ness Avenue

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    Th–Sa 6pm–2am, Su 8pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Butter Review

The Scene

Deep-fried Twinkies and half an aluminum trailer crammed in the corner are only the beginning at Butter, San Francisco's most unapologetically white trash bar.

Deep-fried Twinkies and half an aluminum trailer crammed in the corner are only the beginning at Butter, San Francisco’s most unapologetically white trash bar.

The place looks like it was thrown together by an indecisive designer – or perhaps the winds of a hurricane – with Elvis cutouts, bumper stickers, and random signs like “The consumption of alcohol may cause pregnancy” making up most of the décor.

Although rumors that the Red Bull and vodka was invented here remain unsubstantiated, the tattooed bartenders still pour untold gallons of the stuff for the pre-club crowd that flocks in for greasy fuel and cheap drinks before heading to the myriad dance spots nearby.

Frat types hang around one sticky table and mustachioed hipsters around another, all tearing into $1 Olympias and Spaghettios and watching whatever film/show/game is projected on the wall. As the night progresses and the Jell-o shots pile up, party girls forget they were ever headed someplace else and formerly conservative young professionals demand the DJ play their favorite hair band.

Once the crowd slings back a few too many trash-themed cocktails with names like Junkyard Dog and Bitchin’ Camaro, they’re ready to rush the Airstream kitchen for “the city’s freshest frozen food.”

This rowdy bar may not win any health awards, but in the Olympics of over-indulgence, the city’s best shot at winning gold is undeniably with Butter.

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Tip from Emma:

Even if the Red Bull and vodka wasn’t really invented here, Butter makes their version heavy on the vodka. Take your time between rounds.

  • Crowd

    SoMa young professionals, pre-club crowd, grunge kids, blue-collar Joes, college types, and white trash wannabees, 20s to early 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin a range of music from 60s hits to contemporary tunes, with an emphasis on 80s music on Fridays and Top 40 with old school mash-ups on Saturday.

    Two projection screens feature sports and classic movies, usually muted. Karaoke on Sundays, doors open at 8pm singing starts at 9pm.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Free popcorn. Heart attack-inducing menu for the trailer-trash palate, including deep-fried Twinkies, mini corn dogs, deep-fried tater tots, cheeseburgers, and free popcorn. Happy Hour Th–Sa 6–9pm.

  • Prices

    Grub $3–$5. Beer $2–$5, cocktails $5–$10.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: basic t-shirts and jeans to club wear that’s probably going to get spilled on.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night for a packed scene, though showing up before 10pm is a good idea for those who want to avoid the club crowd. Sundays for karaoke and stellar drink specials.

  • Close By

    Every Saturday night, DNA Lounge (375 11th Street) just down the street transforms into “Bootie SF,” one of the city’s most popular mash-up dance parties.

Butter User Reviews

Average rating:
A Favorite in the City
Alec M. Apr 19, 2013
Butter is one of my favorite bars in the city. Located in SOMA, right across the street from DNA Lounge and Slim's, it is a place where many stop to get a buzz on, before moving on. I've intended to do that numerous times, but always seem to stay until last call. While advertised as a trailer trash themed bar, the crowd here is extremely diverse, and usually very lively. Butter is the type of bar where you can chill at the bar or at a table and drink, or go bust a move. It can get a little cramped on the weekend, and it's not unusual to see a bachelorette party or two dominating the dancing. The music is awesome. I've heard everything from Del Shannon to the Cardigans to Mariah Carey with ODB, which might sound strange, but it always seems to work. The drinks are decidedly unsubtle, with names like Junkyard Dog or Bitchin Camaro, and they pack a mean punch as the main bartender, Jay, does not short change you. Another perk, for those who are afflicted with chronic drunk munchies, is that they have free pop corn sprinkled with seasoning salt in addition to their full menu of fried treats. Butter is somewhere that will generally deliver a fun, dancy, and boozy night.
Wear your tight pants
Tim K. Apr 9, 2013
Located on the edgy end of SOMA, this dive bar is one of the few alternatives to the otherwise club filled neighborhood, so its more of a destination than a stop. But don't worry, they have plenty of snacks to keep you interested, served from a trailer home within the Butter home. The Brit behind the counter is hilarious, make sure to crack a few jokes with him before ordering from their ridiculous assortment of bacon bit shots, tater tots, and deep fried twinkies. This is a place to get sloshed on mixed drinks and tallboys will singing to music they blast from the jukebox, so don't expect any fancy cocktails or talk of organically sourced arugula. The crowd is divided into hipsters and those who come to watch hipsters. So dress accordingly and wear tight pants. Overall, its a highly effected environment but just roll with it and you will have a blast.
Butter: where you want to be trailer trash
Rikki R. Apr 8, 2013
Without a doubt, Butter is one of the more wildly themed bar. In an era of highlighting the upperclass suburban housewife, Butter makes you feel good about being low-class. With clever drink names like Shotgun Wedding (a shot of jack and tall can of Bud), and Bitchin' Camero (notice the apostrophe instead of a "g"), Butter make you wish you were from the trailer park. The clever names doesn't stop at just drinks, for Butter offers a full microwave menu. From tater tots, to deep fried twinkies, you almost have to wear the white tank top just feel like you fit in. A colorfully lit winnebago sits in the front of the room, with the bar directly in the middle for easy drink access. Each night has a different throwback theme: Thursdays 80s disco jam, hip hop; Fridays - 80s-90s retro tunes, and Karaoke Sundays. Butter is sure to make you feel at home regardless of class status.
Unleash the Party Animal in You at Butter
Kathy C. Feb 11, 2013
They say stress comes to those who give a hoot and Butter doesn't give a H***! First timers, be warned: This is not your average bar. Situated on the outskirts of SOMA with the likes of Slim's and Holy Cow Nightclub, this naughty-by-reputation bar oozes with unintimidating attitude and a sense of freedom to party hard. Upon arrival, partygoers are likely to get carded by a large, tattooed, bearded and seemingly frightening bouncer. But fear not! The "don't mess with me" ambiance is all part of the bar theme. Think coyote ugly meets a biker bar. The fun that awaits inside includes a plethora of nostalgic treats, from stiff jell-o shots to crispy tator tots doused in that heart-stopping processed cheese you knew and loved in the school cafeteria. The extensive drink menu features dangerously tasty concoctions that'll make an adult feel like an adolescent on prom night all over again. Once you've had your filling of booze and deep-fried favorites, there's only one way to go and that's up...onto the bar top! Yeah, I'm talking Coyote Ugly-style bumping and grinding to some wicked jams blasting from the speakers above. One word of advice: Don't even try to order water at the bar because you might get mean-mugged. This is truly a hidden gem unlike any bar in the city so come with your party face and beer goggles on!
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