SF Breweries Overview

ThirstyBear Brewing Company - Bar | Brewery | Drinking Activity | Restaurant in SF

Though the amount of breweries in San Francisco has declined over the last century, the remaining sipping spots are far from the dregs of casks and kegs.

Fine selections of microbrew and craft ales are frothing up on location and on tap at these industrial institutions, and you can’t get them any fresher than at the source.

Tour the operations of Anchor Brewing Co. to cram your cranium with knowledge before you fill up your mug. This internationally celebrated brewer gives you both the lore behind the “steam” beer indigent to San Francisco breweries, as well as the chance to try it yourself.

A wise professor once posed a difficult conundrum in the form of “beer or tacos,” to which he later revealed the correct answer to be “both.” At SF breweries like Thirsty Bear and Social Kitchen & Brewery, you can complement your cuisine with the perfect pint.

It’s probably in your best interest too, since even a few of these potent potables at San Francisco breweries will go straight to your head, especially on an empty stomach.

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