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Trastevere A popular residential neighborhood and nighttime destination, Trastevere is full of lively restaurants, lounges, bars, boutiques, and Cafés that draw a consistent stream of young professionals, locals, residents, and travelers... Rome Italy 41.8911714 12.4699296
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Trastevere - Nightlife Area | Shopping Area in Rome.
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Party Earth Review A popular residential neighborhood and nighttime destination, Trastevere is full of lively restaurants, lounges, bars, boutiques, and cafés that draw a consistent stream of young professionals, locals, residents, and travelers... ... read full review

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Party Earth Trastevere Review

The Scene

A popular residential neighborhood and nighttime destination, Trastevere is full of lively restaurants, lounges, bars, boutiques, and Cafés that draw a consistent stream of young professionals, locals, residents, and travelers...

A popular residential neighborhood and nighttime destination, Trastevere is full of lively restaurants, lounges, bars, boutiques, and cafés that draw a consistent stream of young professionals, locals, residents, and travelers eager to take advantage of the area’s many charms.

Although days can be rather quiet, the idyllic old-world piazzas and narrow cobblestone lanes harbor an abundance of unique shops, street markets, and quaint cafés at which to while away an afternoon.

The real action begins at night, however, when those same squares and lanes fill with a festive crowd ready to party.

One of the liveliest areas of the district is the bustling Piazza Trilussa, which draws a dynamic crowd of young students who hang out on the stairs, as well as a slightly older clientele that fills the various nightspots around the square.

From there the busy streets lead to Piazza Santa Maria, a popular meet-up spot and prime stage for street performers. And just down the block, an edgier and more artsy student crowd gathers at Piazza San Cosimato to take advantage of the rock-bottom prices at the square’s only bar.

Trastevere definitely has an outdoor focus as patrons spill from the bars and into the streets, a scene that is at its best in warm weather and during the summer.

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Tip from Emma:

Check out the stretch of Trastevere that runs along the Tiber River. In the summer, a number of cafés, bars, and clubs open special locations on the river that offer fantastic outdoor settings in which to party under the stars.

  • Crowd

    Young professionals, locals, and travelers, late 20s to early 30s. Sociable student set in the piazzas, late teens to early 20s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Street performers and music in Piazza Santa Maria. Street vendors selling jewelry, crafts, handbags, and other goods in Piazza Trilussa.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Many eateries from pizzerias to elegant restaurants.

  • Prices

    Shopping, eateries, restaurants, and bars for every budget.

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  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Early evening to late at night. Large crowds year round on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Close By

    Big Hilda’s (Vicolo del Cinque, 33) and Café San Cosimato (Piazza San Cosimato, 63) offer good Happy Hour deals and drink specials. Da Augusto (Piazza de’ Renzi, 15) features a menu of classic Roman dishes.

Trastevere User Reviews

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Walking around Town
luca d. Aug 16, 2013
When in Rome don’t only go to the usual places. Though the city has a long tradition of pedestrian areas with restaurants and small shops, this is one of the few neighborhoods that holds it all together, a classic RIONE (like a small town within the town), Trastevere. It is right across the Garibaldi bridge and serves as a doorway to the city center. Here you can walk for hours and enjoy getting lost in a maze of small swirving streeets to then run into something worth taking pics of. You can find all the F&B facilities but also old buildings or simply see and listen to the waters of the Tiber river. There's some magic in the air there!
Live Like an Italian
Hannah P. Aug 1, 2013
I lived in Trastevere for two months while on a study abroad and I am so glad I did. Through the maze of streets is a place that is full of culture and amazing food, music, and drink. Every shop owner I came into contact with was incredibly sweet and welcoming and would remember me each time! Young locals and travelers alike hang out on the steps on the public squares late into the night to drink and socialize. This small town feel makes even a stranger feel at home. And in the summer nights, walk along the vendors by the Tiber river for yummy treats! A must visit location!
Trastevere, you win my heart every time
Karen Q. Jun 21, 2013
I lived in Trastevere for 5 months and can easily say that this is my favorite part of Rome. Trastevere is the oldest neighborhood and definitely exudes 'the old country' charm. It has a community vibe that makes you feel like you are in a small town, even though you are in the center of one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. No matter what time of the year you visit, Trastevere is always a vibrant place with an abundance of bustling cafe's, gelaterias, funky bars, modern craft stores, boutique shops, and of course beautiful plazas boasting century old churches. During the summer, the party sparkles under the moonlight along the river's edge as bars set up their outdoor venues while the warm weather permits. On the weekend Trastevere can get so busy you have to squeeze through the streets, but thats part of the fun. Since Trastevere is across the Tiber river, its best to make a night out of your visit. Day time in Trastevere is also great for a peaceful walk, or a mellow lunch date. 3 of my favorite things in Trastevere: 1) Gianicolo Hill- this is one of the best views of the city 2) Piazza Trilussa- best piazza to people watch and start a conversation with another people watcher 3) Porta Portese market- Huge outdoor flea market held every Sunday from 8:00 a.m- 2:00 pm where 10 Euros can buy you a new wardrobe
A walk through an Italian Paradise, sans Virgil and Dante, but no less divine.
Brendan S. Apr 30, 2013
Rome's greenest, tastiest neighborhood is also its sexiest. Regardless of when the day or night finds you here, you're guaranteed to be wrapped up in the arms of a "bella ragazza" or at the least emerging from any number of excellent bars and wineries feeling just as good. Trastevere is where the Romans go to party, as indicated by the constant Italian buzz that permeates this neighborhood. Meriondale (via dei Fienaroli 28) is a must for delicious, freshly tossed salads and homemade pastas (the Sunday Brunch is loaded with everything from genuine Moroccan Couscous to French Quiche to, of course, Italian staples like lasagna and *gasp* tiramisu!). For a nightcap head to Rivendita (Vicolo del Cinque 11), a cafe-cum bookstore which separates itself from the rest by serving as the Dr. Frankenstein of cafes... which is to say that they offer a widely experimental take on everything you've come to love and hold dear, be it chocolates, coffees, or exotic liquors and cocktails, you've never seen it done like this before. But what do you expect? You've never seen anything like Trastevere before, and you never will again.
The most magical part of Rome
Joy K. Apr 29, 2013
Trastevere is a mandatory stop for anyone visiting Rome. Whether you're looking for a fun night out or for a Sunday stroll through quintessential Roman streets, this is the place to be. During the day, the quaint neighborhood is filled with both locals and travelers enjoying a pizza al taglio, an espresso on Piazza Santa Maria, or a Spritz at one of the many bars. At night, Trastevere is filled with an energetic young crowd bar-hopping the night away. Some of my favorite restaurants are in Trastevere. Some places to check out for authentic Roman cuisine: Da Enzo, Le Mani in Pasta, Da Augosto. And I never feel guilty splurging on an over-priced espresso at one of the cafes overlooking Piazza Santa Maria. To relax in the warm sun while people watching makes it well worth it!
Trastevere in Rome
Juli P. Apr 17, 2013
If you want to live the ancient Rome one of the way to do it is to visit Trastevere. The night through this antic street are famous and you might find everything you're looking for. Pubs, Restaurants, lounges, bars, boutiques, and cafés. This is the best destination of those people who want to spend a different night. If you want to taste the typical italian food just try the Restaurant "La Parolaccia". Each food has called with a bad word. This is one of the most famous Restaurant because of this particularity: you can eat well and at the same time you have a lot of fun. Trastevere is a very special place also because, every night, there's a lot of people who cames from different place, worldwide. It's a really magic place where you can meet students and tourists who just want to have fun. If you might go to Rome, don't miss to have a night in Trastevere. You'd enjoy the real spirit of ancient Rome.
The Authentic Rome
Patrizio Q. Apr 12, 2013
Trastevere is definitely the neighborhood that keeps the true genuine roman character. If you want to have a grasp of the true spirit of Rome, apart from various clichés, you should definitely come to Trastevere. It has always been a popular hood of Rome, and it has retained its authenticity up to nowadays. Wether you do it during daytime, to go shopping touring its many artisan shops, or (i'd recommend it) from evening to night time, to enjoy its many bars and lively nightlife, explore its daedalus of cobblestone streets and let yourself be part of its genuinely roman atmosphere, better if having a happy hour aperitivo, as the locals do. Enjoy the local lively outdoor nightlife, barhopping in between the pitoresque narrow streets, in the truest local style. You'll surely pass a good time and will get an actual impression of what's really the capital of Italy's flavor.
Enjoy the Wander
Jessica C. Apr 7, 2013
While visiting Rome, one can become lost in the tourist traps and miss a typical view of modern Italy. Trastevere however, captures current Rome in its blend of the historic and contemporary. Reached by crossing the Tiber River, leaving the old Roman center behind, Trastevere (Tras - across, Tevere - Tiber River) retains an authentic Italian dignity during the day. Old women push their carts laden with vegetables through cobblestoned streets. The smell of Italian leather wafts from the stores selling fine shoes and belts. Artisans sell handmade jewelry and students sell used books. Every corner demands a photo, every Piazza requires a stop at the bar for a cappuccino. At night, the simple daytime energy electrifies. Students and locals, young and old, gather on the old steps in Piazza Trilussa in the early evening to share beers, wine and laughs. The crowd later moves on to any number of Roman hotspots. Bar Trilussa, Freni e Frizoni and Friends Art Cafe are all within walking distance. Of course, the real charm of Trastevere is in the wandering. The finding of a new hole in the wall. Take some friends and aimlessly wander the narrow streets. Pop into any well-lit place with some tables and chairs. Order the house red wine. Experience Italy the way it should be seen: casually and with an air of adventure.
A Night of Magic
Eleonora F. Feb 26, 2013
Have you ever wondered what your name would look like written on a single grain of rice and preserved in a vial with clear fluid for you to wear around your neck as a necklace? (In case you were wondering the name IS legible and the necklace quite beautiful). Or been in the mood to take in art, history, the world's cultures and, at times, bizarre new inventions all in one stroll? Trastevere offers all of it. Amazing boutiques, both modern and quirky, galleries filled with art and ancient squares with breathtaking churches centuries old, open markets and chatty lively bars with plates constantly clinking as they serve the patrons espresso, street vendors from all over the world selling exotic and beautifully vibrant clothing and jewelry, the cozy restaurants that beckon with teasing smells of basil and herbs. At night, musicians and entertainers join the vendors and the energy is contagiously joyous and alive. Trastevere is not a city or a neighborhood per's a small, magical world in itself.
Quintessential Rome
Lauren V. Feb 12, 2013
My absolute favorite part of Rome. It's pretty much the ideal little Roman neighborhood, with winding cobblestone streets, delicious restaurants at every turn, and gorgeous buildings and architecture. A lot of people speak English at least in the area near John Cabot University, because it is an American university... but that also results in a lot of American students being around (I was once one of them, so no hate). There are little shops and cafes where you can people watch and drink espresso. There's also a church, Santa Maria in Trastevere, which is worth going into - it's one of the oldest churches in Rome and is expectedly beautiful. At night, the area is filled with young people in the piazzas and at the bars and restaurants. It's a very lively yet gorgeous neighborhood, I could honestly walk around it all day and enjoy every minute of it. I can't wait to go back to Rome and I'm sure my first spot will be Trastevere.
very nice part in Roma
Fabrizio D. Dec 12, 2012
I have much friends who live in Trastevere, and is expensive to have appartment in Trastevere but is very nice part of town. Very beautiful, there are many cafes and cute stores, and is very close part of town. Neighbors are all friends, and going for cornetti and cappuccino in the morning is the same peoples going for drinking at night. Is very alive part of town, but is still very community and friendly. Afternoon here with pizza by slices is very nice also. There is also foreign university here, so much students is very nice atmosphere.
Rome's new center
Tara R. Dec 8, 2012
Trastevere—“across the Tiber”—used to be known as a rough, workers-only part of town, but has recently become one of Rome’s most popular destinations. On weekend nights, the main streets are so packed it’s impossible to walk—you move en masse with everyone else who’s come for the celebrated local food and lively bars that make Trastevere a nightlife destination. During the day, the labyrinth of streets open up onto beautiful little piazzas, and you can dive into charming, small, non-touristy churches to escape the heat. If I lived in Rome, I would want to live here.
Wander Where Real Romans Live
Katherine J. Nov 30, 2012
Trastevere is where many everyday working Romans live. It is a great labyrinth of small streets, apartment buildings, and small shops. They are not as familiar with tourists as other parts of Rome, so be prepared to actually speak a phrase or two of Italian. I love wandering around this neighborhood and getting lost. You can suddenly come across a beautiful fountain, a quiet cafe, an unassuming church with gorgeous stained-glass windows inside (Santa Maria in Trastevere). Every Sunday a massive flea market is held at the Porta Portese, the city gates in the South-eastern part of Trastevere, right near the Tiber River. It is a great place to buy souvenirs without paying the tourist prices.
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