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Campo de’ Fiori When the sun sinks to the horizon and the heat of the city subsides, the hip urban tide of Rome changes direction as streams of people head toward Campo de' Fiori. Rome Italy 41.895641 12.472197
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Campo de’ Fiori - Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Square in Rome.
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Party Earth Review When the sun sinks to the horizon and the heat of the city subsides, the hip urban tide of Rome changes direction as streams of people head toward Campo de’ Fiori. The majority of this vibrant square is occupied by over... ... read full review

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Party Earth Campo de’ Fiori Review

The Scene

When the sun sinks to the horizon and the heat of the city subsides, the hip urban tide of Rome changes direction as streams of people head toward Campo de' Fiori.

When the sun sinks to the horizon and the heat of the city subsides, the hip urban tide of Rome changes direction as streams of people head toward Campo de’ Fiori.

The majority of this vibrant square is occupied by over twenty bars and restaurants of every stripe, where an international crowd gathers to mingle and share a drink after a day of sightseeing, study, or work.

Despite the plethora of places to choose from, most of the rambunctious patrons show up at the square without a particular destination in mind – after all, the bars are all quite similar with basic décor, comparative prices, tons of outdoor seating, and outgoing crowds that pack the area every night.

Popular with both locals and travelers, Campo de’ Fiori is a great meeting point for those who want a headstart on the evening’s festivities, or who just want to settle in for the night to enjoy the square’s happening scene.

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Tip from Lucas:

Pop in to Sloppy Sam’s on the south side of the piazza for some Irish brew, and then head to I Giganti on the west side of the square to close out the night on the dance floor.

  • Crowd

    All types and ages during the day, younger local and international crowd later on, both mainstream and alternative, early 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Street performers from magicians to musicians.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Plenty of dining options including La Carbonara, Taverna del Campo, Aristocampo, and Ristorante Virgilio. Most bars close at 2am.

  • Prices

    Generally moderate.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Crowds build at sunset and after 8pm every night. Packed Thursdays through Saturdays after 10pm.

Campo de’ Fiori User Reviews

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Amazing Metamorphosis
Iglika M. Aug 19, 2013
How many sides does a square have? This is a simple question that those of us who have survived the torture of math class have faced at one point or another. With Campo de' Fiori, however, the answer is far from obvious. There is a lot more to this famous square than the newly arrived Roman tourist could guess; the best part - the amazing metamorphosis of the place unfolds within a 24-hour interval, right before the eyes of those wanting to explore all the beauties of Rome. Morning: As the sun paints the cobblestones red, one could enjoy a typical Italian breakfast - an espresso and cornetto (croissant) in one of the many cafés on the square. For those who cannot make it through the day running on such modest morning snacks, many places also offer various sandwiches (panini) and american coffee! Noon: After breakfast, one is summoned, without fail, by the colors and aroma of what the farmers' market has to offer. Fruits, veggies, olive oil, pasta of all shapes, colors, and sizes are just part of the treasures hiding beneath the shade of the umbrellas. Such a walk never fails to provoke a good appetite, but that's what all of Campo's restaurants are there for - to serve a steaming plate of spaghetti alla carbonara! Evening: With dusk Campo de' Fiori if transformed - gone is the farmers' market, restaurant tables advance out into the square, their red-and-white checkered tablecloths reminding the passing crowds that dinner is upon them. Prices do not go above what one would find in the center of the City of Eternally expensive food, making Campo a good dining option. Night: Around 10:30pm the curtain rises to reveal the most popular face of Campo de' Fiori. Flocks of tourists and locals gather under the watchful eye of the statue of Giordano Bruno to celebrate the night and the city. The numerous little bars have evolved past dinnertime aperitivo and now offer beer, wine, a variety of cocktails, and a profound feeling of being in touch with Roman nightlife. The moderate prices attract a colorful crowd of international youths that, upon the closing of the bars at 2 a.m., migrate to some of Rome's most popular night clubs just a few blocks away. Dawn: The fist rays of light shine upon tiny garbage trucks picking up incredible loads of empty bottles. Campo de' Fiori's life cycle is starting again.
Cody P. May 18, 2013
As an American living in Rome, how could I not go out in Camp-land as my friends and I dubbed it. Our apartment was in a very "Italian" area, few people spoke English so Campo-land was a little piece of home. By day it is a wonderful open market with all sorts of fresh foods and clothes, a really great place to shop or even to walk through, chat with the vendors or take pictures. By night, it turns into a college student, or young adults haven. Typically, it is very touristy. A number of Italians do come to the bars for drinks before going to any one of the surrounding clubs. The bartenders all speak English, are very nice, and generous to college students. It is a fun place - I do not suggest going there every time you go out, but if you are in Rome for more than a few nights, or have no idea what to do, Campo de' Fiori is as good a place as any to start an evening. Bars close at 2. There are few people there before 10.30 or 11pm as, in typically Italian fashion, dinner is late and LONG (but amazing and I love it). Not to mention that Gelateria's and food stands are every which way on the surrounding streets, make for great late night or early morning snacks. Sloppy Sam's and the Drunken Ship are the two most popular places.
Avoid this market
Joy K. Apr 28, 2013
Campo de' Fiori used to be one of the best markets in Rome. Unfortunately... no longer. It has become a tourist trap with overpriced produce, tacky souvenir gifts, and overpriced subpar restaurants. If you're looking for an authentic Roman market, check out MERcato di Campagna Amica del Circo Massimo on a Saturday or Sunday. At night, the piazza is littered with broken bottles and drunk study abroad kids. For a more fun night, check out Piazza del Fico instead. This area, just to the west of Piazza Navona, has great bars (ie Bar del Fico) and is frequented by young, hip locals. Don't expect to hear very much English here!
Fruits by day, drinks by night.
Shawn P. Apr 10, 2013
During the day Campo de Fiori is a bustling open-air fruit and vegetable market, with every delectable Italian treat you could imagine. From chocolate fountains to dried fruit to the freshest produce under the sun, Campo de Fiori has your every delicious desire. At night the market food clears out and the young locals and students roll in. With bars lining the piazza, you are never short of choices for where to go; Sloppy Sam's and the Drunken Ship are two of the more popular bars. After a night of fun, stop by any of the numerous gelato shops that are open late for a perfect way to end the night.
All Roads Lead to Campo!
Ashley O. Mar 29, 2013
Walk into Piazza Campo de Fiori and you will be overwhelmed with a young, lively, Italian crowd. Walk into the Drunkin Ship and you'll feel like you just flew back to the States. All in good fun, Campo De Fiori is lined with bars ranging from The Drunkin Ship, as mentioned before, that is filled primarily with Americans to Sloppy Sams that presents itself with an American feel but individuals from all over Europe. Any of the bars in between are more Italian and venture into the alley ways and you'll find the real natives. Drink prices vary but if you want to save money go for the small hidden bars. When you're facing Drunken Ship the alley way to your right features a local bar with inexpensive drinks, interesting gothic style wall art, and the bathroom with graffitied walls from ten years ago (look close and you'll see a note from yours truly ;) . Once you've had your share, head over to Sloppy Sams for some beer pong.
Good square to bar-hop
Amy F. Jan 8, 2013
This area doesn't really get too busy until around midnight. Mostly it was young Romans and international travelers. If it gets boring, it's very central so you can walk to other locations. The Drunken Ship was my favorite there (they had beer pong!). It's a big square and people just hang out in between bars smoking cigarettes or just hanging at the benches drinking their 'to-go' beers. Since all the bars are pretty small, once it gets crowded, ordering a drink becomes near impossible but the people are friendly and every corner you turn you'll hear a 'ciao bella!'
Great food and so many options for drinks.
Claire M. Dec 13, 2012
Great area. It's super easy to get to and there's a taxi stand in the main square so you can walk or hop in a cab to your next destination. Also in the main area is a great panini place, longest menu I have seen but you can substitute any ingredient and just invent your own sandwich. The greatest part about the area is just how many people there are and the options you have. You can start your night off with a great dinner then easily walk to a fun bar to meet some other tourists.
Fabrizio D. Dec 12, 2012
Is very active piazza in the centre, much tourist and student in the piazza. In piazza is also a favorite local man who is having small birds and is yelling, “Guarda, guarda!” very loud but he is looking for moneys and is a preferred man in Roma. A very nice disco called Paris is close here, with much pretty peoples and much dancing. For food the Campo de’Fiori is not fantastic, is expensive and not much of the inspiring. Campo de’Fiori has also nice market in the day, many things to buy for shopping. Sometime there is protest here, it is exciting to be in protest.
Camp De'Fiori
Charlotte A. Dec 1, 2012
Camp De'Fiori is definitely one of the hot spots in Rome. It is lined with fun bars and restaurants and filled with teens and young adults looking for a fun time. What's great is that if you're not enjoying yourself at one bar, walk next door to another. It's particularly fun during a football match. The one thing to beware of are teenage boys hitting on tourists, it gets annoying.
The best place to be
Rachel S. Nov 30, 2012
When I came to Rome i needed to find the best place to hang out and find people my age. After a few nights in Rome I realized that the spot to be was in Campo di Fiori. I absolutely love the scene, it is gorgeous with gorgeous people walking around. There are a lot of tourists but many locals too. The restaurants in this area are good however they are pricey because it is a tourist attraction. Watch out for the gypsies. There are also a lot of bars that are in this area which are fun to go and check out. This is a definite must go to especially if you are between 18-30.
Great farmer's market by day, and bar hopping at night.
Molly C. Nov 16, 2012
Open weekdays at 9am. Campo de'Fiori is a wonderful mix of locals, immigrants and tourists buying and selling anything from "I heart Roma" tees to the best blood oranges and strawberries you'll ever have- all at prices cheaper than the cramped grocery stores. The stand owners are all charismatic and some a little spunky, giving a great opportunity for you to practice any Italian you may know. Prices are good generally but don't be afraid to check out all of the stands before buying-There will be multiple venders with similar products and a competition with other stands. This site is unique because it provides insight into the ancient bazaars and markets that once could be found in every piazza. It's a great way to see the locals in action and the beautiful mix of old and new that only Rome can achieve. In the evening time this a great piazza for bar hopping. People can experience 4-6 bars in one night without walking more than 1/2 mile. It is very popular with Italian and international university students.
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