Rome Plazas Overview

Piazza Navona - Landmark | Square in Rome

If there’s one thing you think about when it comes to Rome’s social scene, it’s probably the plazas (or piazzas if we’re saying it correctly). There are a lot of them. But it’s not just the number of plazas that matter, it’s the culture surrounding them that are so ubiquitous to daily Roman life.

The plazas in Rome serve any number of purposes. They’re meeting spots for locals and tourists alike. They’re hangout spots for thousands of young Romans on a nightly basis. And they’re archeological gems filled with Roman history dating back hundreds, even thousands of years.

For starters, let’s just name a few of the famous Rome plazas: there’s the Pantheon, which dates back 2,000 years, Piazza Navona with Bernini’s famous Baroque fountain, Piazza di Spagna (Spanish steps) which is probably the most popular meeting place in the city, Piazza del Popolo for shopping and festivals, Piazza Garibaldi for the best views in the city, and Piazza degli Aurunci, which is one of the biggest student hangouts in all of Rome.

Of course no time spent in Rome would be complete whether you’re a student, local, or tourist, without venturing in and around the plaza of Campo de’ Fiori, which is surrounded by countless restaurants and bars and is one of the best, if not the best nightlife area in the entire city.

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