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Villa Borghese The glorious Villa Borghese is a vast, beautiful park that offers visitors and citizens alike a much-needed oasis from the congested city streets. Rome Italy 41.9131989 12.4931524
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Villa Borghese - Outdoor Activity | Park in Rome.
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Party Earth Review The glorious Villa Borghese is a vast, beautiful park that offers visitors and citizens alike a much-needed oasis from the congested city streets. Among the many museums and cultural attractions within the park is Galleria... ... read full review

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    Flaminio, Spagna

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Party Earth Villa Borghese Review

The Scene

The glorious Villa Borghese is a vast, beautiful park that offers visitors and citizens alike a much-needed oasis from the congested city streets.

The glorious Villa Borghese is a vast, beautiful park that offers visitors and citizens alike a much-needed oasis from the congested city streets.

Among the many museums and cultural attractions within the park is Galleria Borghese, where visitors can admire the sculptural masterpieces of Bernini and paintings by Titian, Raphael, and Caravaggio, not to mention the majestic villa itself.

Film and music buffs can take advantage of cinema events at the Villa Medici in the summer or of the occasional open-air concerts held at various locations on the grounds.

Outdoor highlights include the Piazza di Siena, the botanical garden, an amphitheater, unparalleled views of the city skyline, countless blooming fields perfect for reading, jogging, or cycling, and a serene lake where visitors gather at the foot of the Temple of Aesculapius to sunbathe, picnic, or float by in rented paddleboats.

Villa Borghese spans almost a full quarter of the city’s total area, but bikes, rollerblades, and electric scooters are available for rent, making it possible to cover the territory with ease. For the ultimate in rentable transport, however, groups might want to try the covered four-person bikes – great for a crew of friends to cruise through the park in tandem.

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Tip from Emma:

Keep in mind that reservations are required for a visit to Galleria Borghese. A limited number of people are let in for only two hours at a time, which makes this the most civilized museum experience in Rome.

  • Crowd

    All types and ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Theater, sports, and cultural events.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Various food and beverage vendors and outdoor cafés are located within the park. Art Café (Via del Galoppatoio, 33) and the pizzeria a’ Frenestella (Piazzale Flaminio, 22) are nearby.

  • Prices

    Galleria Borghese €8.50. Electric scooter €8/half hour or €15/hour, four-person bike €15/hour, pedal cart €6/hour. Art Café: Beer and cocktails €4, coffee €0.80–€1.50. a’ Frenestella: Pizza, sandwiches, and salads average €5.

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    Any beautiful day.

Villa Borghese User Reviews

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A Great Day
Danielle B. Aug 15, 2013
In the Villa Borghese gardens, you can get lost in the meandering pebble footpaths, romantic fountains, or the open green spaces. Like Madrid’s Parque del Retiro or Paris’ Jardin de Tuileries, the public park is a popular choice for many different kinds of people. Couples lay on top of each other. Children run away from their grandparents to get to the Merry-Go-Round. Teenagers ride around on bikes or rollerblades. Tourists flock to the scenic overlook by the Medici House. This park’s unique feature: privacy. On a weekend, you could lie on an expanse of green grass or sit on a bench without worrying about a hundred of your closest friends watching you. The one drawback: the gelato is incredibly overpriced. Just buy it pretty much anywhere else. The Villa Borghese itself is beautiful and refreshing. After a month of Renaissance art, I couldn’t muster too much excitement over yet another museum; however, Bernini’s sculptures alone are worth the entrance fee. I didn’t know too much about sculpture before going, but each marble-clad room comes with a laminated guide to the artwork and architecture. Bernini’s The Rape of Proserpina and Apollo and Daphne completely captivated me. You don’t have to be an art aficionado to stand in front of these statues for hours analyzing the movement of the cloth and indentations of hands on flesh. Not to mention, the museum is so short you will not leave with the usual glassy-eyed look after being in a museum for too long. Between the park and the museum, the Villa Borghese will provide a day well spent. It is conveniently near the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. The Borghese Gallery requires a reservation and doesn’t allow you to bring anything inside.
beautiful Borghese gardens
Fabrizio D. Dec 12, 2012
The Villa Borghese is very beautiful park with much history. Is many trees and flowers and garden in the Villa Borghese, is very nice for the relaxing in the park. Is very nice vista of the city here, is possible to see every building for tourist and local Romans. Is very romantic park, we love the Villa Borghese with much passion. We are very attentive to the Villa Borghese, we want The Villa Borghese to survive for our children in future so we are very sympatetic to the gardens. We are respecting to the gardens and they are clean and beautiful.
Villa Borghese
Charlotte A. Dec 1, 2012
Rome can be exhausting after a while with the constant hustle and bustle of the city. That is why Villa Borghese is the perfect escape. It is located in the city, but feels like you're in a completely different city. Rent some bikes and bring a picnic lunch for a really nice, relaxing afternoon. Plenty of fountains and grassy lawns to read a book, have a romantic date, or day with friends.
The Best Place to Spend That Extra Day
Katherine J. Nov 30, 2012
The VIlla Borghese is the perfect place to spend that extra day in Rome, There are so many things to see and do. What was once the private estate of the Borghese family has been turned into a great public space for all Romans. There are food vendors and street performers wandering thorough the park. You can rent bikes and ride along the many paths. On one end of the park is one of the best small museums in Rome. The Renaissance pieces alone are worth the visit (keep in mind you have to reserve tickets ahead of time). If doing nothing at all is more appealing to you just get some pastries from a nearby bakery ("bomba's" are delicious, doughnut-like, and cheap), find a nice place to sit, and watch the real Romans enjoying their park.
The Villa Borghese is the beautiful antithesis of Downtown Rome. Equivalent to New York's Central Park, it is the perfect place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
Molly C. Nov 16, 2012
Green pastures, large open streets, families and groups playing, biking, and lounging. You would never guess you were in the bustling Citta Roma. This is your go-to spot for an afternoon picnic. In the summer time locals will retreat to this free paradise to avoid the crowds. More than just a garden, the Villa Borghese houses numerous attractions and activities. A popular attraction is the Galleria Borghese. It hosts some incredible pieces from Caravaggio, Raphael, Bernini etc. But note there are no descriptions to any of the pieces beyond the artist, so for optimal enjoyment one should do a little research beforehand or invest in the guided tour. Although the entrance fee is only €8.50, You have to reserve your spot in advance to enter the museum and are asked to stay no longer than 2 hours so as to avoid crowding. There are many food carts and a cafe in the Villa Borghese, but it's free to bring your own picnic basket too. Another fun spot that most people miss is the Bioparco (Zoo) Roma. Located at the outskirts of the Villa Borghese, the zoo is clean fun, and informational for all ages. The zoo doubles as a rehabilitation center and boasts teaching about the importance of helping endangered species. Entrance fee is €13.00 for adults and €11.00 for children. Many people like to rent a bike and check out the small temples and monuments around the park. If you time it right you could also catch a play or puppet show at the Teatro del Burratino. Electric scooter costs are €8/half hour or €15/hour, four-person bike €15/hour, pedal cart €6/hour. Check the weather before you go and enjoy!
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