The Pantheon

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The Pantheon "The magnificent Pantheon is emblematic of everything that is great about Rome, its architecture, and its history._x000D_ Rome Italy 41.8990245 12.4764865
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The Pantheon - Landmark | Plaza | Square in Rome.
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Party Earth Review The magnificent Pantheon is emblematic of everything that is great about Rome, its architecture, and its history. Built almost two thousand years ago as a pagan temple, the Pantheon has been in continuous use ever since... ... read full review

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Party Earth The Pantheon Review

The Scene

"The magnificent Pantheon is emblematic of everything that is great about Rome, its architecture, and its history._x000D_

The magnificent Pantheon is emblematic of everything that is great about Rome, its architecture, and its history.

Built almost two thousand years ago as a pagan temple, the Pantheon has been in continuous use ever since and is the most well-preserved monument of the ancient city. For 1200 years – until the construction of the Duomo in Florence – it also boasted the largest dome in the world.

Visitors should take some time to wander around inside and marvel at the architecture and the brilliant shaft of sunlight that beams down through the open eye at the apex of the dome – a dome whose mechanics and creation are still pondered today, along with the question as to why it is the sole surviving intact dome from antiquity in general.

Outside, the Piazza Rotonda is a great place to rest, have an impromptu picnic, and absorb the details of this incredible structure and final resting place of Raphael, one of Italy’s most remarkable artists.

The Pantheon is rarely without tourists, but those with patience can usually find a lull when they can slip inside and enjoy the cool silence relatively undisturbed. And thanks to its central location and close proximity to some swanky bars and clubs, the area also attracts a chic bar-going crowd come nightfall.

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Tip from Jonah:

To breeze through Piazza Rotonda with only a cursory glance at the Pantheon is borderline sacrilege. Spend some time admiring the largest freestanding masonry dome in the world from one of the bordering cafés or from the foot of the obelisk and fountain in the middle of the square. It’s easy to lose track of time watching the crowds shuffle in and out of the Pantheon’s giant bronze doors.

  • Crowd

    Mostly tourists of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Great people-watching in the shadow of a pagan temple. At night, street musicians often serenade the crowd with classical music.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A Sunday mass is celebrated in the Pantheon at 5:30pm, during which tourist entry is suspended.

    Tons of eateries, cafés, and pizza joints line the streets, many with outdoor seating overlooking the Pantheon. Delis, a supermarket, and several of Rome’s best gelaterias round out the options.

  • Prices

    Free entrance to the Pantheon. Prices vary at surrounding eateries and restaurants.

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  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    The area gets the most traffic on summer days despite the stifling heat. The perfect time to visit is in the early evening when the tourist crowds thin out and the temperatures cool off.

The Pantheon User Reviews

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Not to be missed, never to be forgotten
Milla E. Apr 6, 2013
The first sight of the Pantheon might be the most unforgettable in all Rome. After the approach through narrow, ochre-coloured streets that seem unchanged in half a century, the dark alleys open out onto a sloping square (the Piazza della Rotonda) and a practically pristine Roman temple sitting pretty in the middle of modern bustle. Inside it's equally astonishing, mostly thanks to the concrete miracle of the dome itself, beautifully coffered and featuring a 27-foot hole (the oculus) which lets in the only natural light. Built in 27 B.C. and restored around 125 A.D., the building has officially been a Catholic church since the seventh century (almost certainly the reason it survived at all), but this feat of pagan engineering tends to quell christian piety - long-suffering attendants periodically hush the admiring chatter of visitors, usually to limited effect. Worth seeing at least twice, once at night and again in daylight. Should you get turfed out (they do after all hold mass here on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings), head to nearby Tazza d'Oro (84 Via degli Orfani) for truly outstanding coffee or cocoa. This café has been a Roman favourite since 1946, and is usually rammed with visitors, but efficient and cheerful staff make light work of even weekend traffic. Also catch the nearby remnants of the Temple of Hadrian in the Piazza di Pietra – one wall and colonnade still stand, incorporated into the facade of what is now a bank.
very beautiful architetture
Fabrizio D. Dec 12, 2012
I know is very tourist place, The Pantheon, but even Romans love Pantheon because it is great example of the great Roma civilization. The architetture is very beautiful and inspiring. Is very beautiful and very big, with much history. There is also weddings in the church sometime, they are very beautiful in this place. The Pantheon is much inspiring as museum. Is many tourist in the piazza and is not so fantastic for the relaxing. The best caffe in all of Roma is here at Tazza d’Oro, where is a real Italian espresso and is very nice cafe bar. Many Romans come here to the cafe to because the espresso is very fantastic.
Never Overrated
Tara R. Dec 8, 2012
Apparently architects in the Middle Ages would come sit in the Pantheon for years to figure out how the Romans constructed the remarkable dome. The Vatican was smarter—rather than building a whole new church, they just converted it. Raphael’s buried in here, but try as it might, the Pantheon doesn’t feel like a church, especially when packed with tourists who make contemplative silence impossible. The oculus, or spotlight, moves across the dome throughout the day—as a kid I used to come at midday so I could sit in the exact center. Word on the street is that they’re axing the McDonalds that was put up across from the Pantheon a couple of years ago, news that makes me very happy, since there’s nothing quite like a McDonalds to disorient you from a historical experience.
The Pantheon
Charlotte A. Dec 1, 2012
The Pantheon is my favorite historical monument in Rome. Not only because of the actual buildings beauty, but because of where it is located. In a charming and interesting piazza, there are several great restaurants, gelato shops and shops. It's great during the day, but it's a must-see at night. The Pantheon looks gorgeous and everyone is simply enjoying their night. Be sure to check out Grom and Giolittis, both are a short walk from the Pantheon. Both have the best gelato I've ever had!
The Pantheon is a must see for visitors of every type at any time
Molly C. Nov 16, 2012
The Pantheon (Il Panteon) is a must see for visitors of every type. The circular opening in the ceiling creates a beautiful sight in the rain or (if you’re lucky) snow. This is a fantastic experience rain or shine, day or night. History: The original building was constructed in 27BC under the rule of Marcus Agrippa as a temple to honor the gods of Rome. The inscription on the front of the building reads "M[arcus] Agrippa L[ucii] f[ilius] co[n] s[ul] tertium fecit," meaning "Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, made this building when consul for the third time. However the majestic building we see today is mostly due to the architects of Emperor Hadrian who reconstructed the building around the year 125AD after it had burnt down twice. It was the first pagan temple to be converted into a Catholic Church in the year 609AD. Today it is known as the resting place of Raphael, one of the most renowned painters of the Italian Renaissance. Price: Free to the public Hours: The Pantheon is open every day of the year except Christmas, New Year's Day and May 1. Normal visiting hours are 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on open holidays. Architectural Significance: The Parthenon is unique because it uses the golden ratio for its proportions which makes it aesthetically pleasing (the same ratio as Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man or Last Supper and also same ratio in human body, nautilus shell, honeycomb, and an iPod.) Another architectural miracle is that the dome is based on Archimedes’s formula for a sphere, a mysterious innovation for which he would not explain how he came to find and was lost for many years after his death. It was the largest dome in the world for over 1,000 years and was the inspiration for Michelangelo’s design for St. Peter’s Basilica. Nearby attractions: You could visit any cafe in the surrounding palazzo and side streets for an excellent meal. However, when it comes to gelato, I highly recommend Giolitti’s on Via Uffici del Vicario. The institution has been around since 1900 and is the best gelato in Rome by far. Take some time to peruse the little shops around the piazza and embrace Italian culture at its best. The longer you look at the Pantheon the more stunning it becomes.
Just Wow
Samuel H. Nov 3, 2012
The only thing required to enjoy the Pantheon is that you are human. This place is truly magnificent and there are few words that can truly do it justice. If you are in Rome and you haven't made it to the Pantheon, get it together and get there because you are missing out. Aside from the overwhelming size and intricacy of the structure, the thought alone that men built something so beautiful, and so perfect, thousands of years ago with granite and other types of stones being brought to Rome from far and wide in order to construct it is mind blowing. Seriously make sure to make it to the Pantheon if you are in Rome, you won't regret.
Historical/Technological Marvel
Chris M. Oct 19, 2012
The Pantheon is best appreciated by realizing just how old it is and how it has stood the test of time. These days the "tallest building in the world" title is lost every 5, 10, 20 years at most. The Pantheon was the largest dome in the world for 1200 years! Just away from the Piazza Navona there is always a bustle of tourists around the Pantheon, even when I was there in the dead of winter, but upon stepping inside a respectful hush usually falls giving you the opportunity to just quietly stare up at the dome and marvel. You don't need to spend a ton of time here, but you must stop by at some point walking around Rome and appreciate this creation.
Gabe L. Aug 7, 2012
The Pantheon was a mind-blowing place to visit in Rome. The place is huge, and you will not believe that something like this could have been constructed hundreds if years ago without modern technology. After gawking in awe for about a good hour head around the corner for the best gelato of your life. I had two scoops of nutella and raspberry gelato with whipped cream on top and legitimately got teary-eyed when it was over. My friend then had to tell me, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
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