Rome Landmarks Overview

Piazza Navona - Landmark | Square in Rome

Being one of the oldest cities in the Western world, it comes as no surprise that Rome is full of fascinating historical and cultural landmarks. From ancient monuments to sprawling plazas, there is no shortage of sights to see in this classic city.

Rome’s historical landmarks are some of the most impressive sights in the city, if only because of their age. The Pantheon, constructed two thousand years ago, was built as a pagan temple and has remained one of Rome’s most preserved monuments. Perhaps more impressive, as a result of its size, is the Colosseum. The ancient amphitheater could seat over 50,000 people and was the site of courageous combats between gladiators.

For those who prefer a little less history and a little more casual strolling, Rome is littered with plazas and parks perfect for strolling, shopping, and simply absorbing the city’s glory. Piazza di Spagna is both a high-end shopping district and a feat of architecture. A climb up the famed Spanish Steps provides a panoramic view of the city and prime people watching.

And of course, a visit to The Eternal City wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Vatican. Spending a few moments in the center of St. Peter’s Square is an awe-inspiring experience and not to be missed.

To try to boil down Rome’s landmarks to a few sentences is impossible. The city is overflowing with historical vigor, architectural beauty, and myriad things to see or do on any given day.

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