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Party Earth Review People who live in Rome tend to flee the city in the summer to avoid the heat and the influx of tourists – and although Sperlonga may be a bit of a trek, the gorgeous, lively beaches, cute little town, and vibrant nightlife are well worth the effort. The three main areas of town offer various shopping and leisure opportunities and include Torre Truglia, a scenic area built into a rock that divides the town in two and that features many restaurants, shops, cinemas, bars, and bustling piazzas. The area of Levante faces the sea and is home to Nord Sud Camping and two lively discos, Zen and El Sombrero, while Ponente is a resort area that includes ... more



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Rome Beaches Overview

There aren’t any beaches in Rome, right? Technically no, there aren’t, because Rome is landlocked. However, when the summer heat becomes entirely too unbearable and half the city practically shuts down in August, locals and tourists make it a point to flock to the Mediterranean coastline, and specifically to a beach and shopping area called Sperlonga.

The town of Sperlonga is split into three distinct areas that include some historic landmarks, piazzas, shopping, bars, and restaurants. Levante is one such area and home to two clubs, while in Ponente there is a lush resort with a beautiful beach area.

People come to Sperlonga to escape the city and relax and soak in ancient Roman archeological wonders while catching a tan on the pristine sandy coves. The real beauty of Sperlonga is that the summers can last up to six months so when other resort areas shut down, Sperlonga still provides a taste of the tropics.

There are plenty of other beaches along the coastline – like Lido di Ostia which is probably the closest one to Rome. So if you’re looking to escape the smog of the city in the summer, check out the Rome beaches – well, check out the beaches outside of Rome and try to cool off.

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