Mexican Restaurants in Rome

Alternative / Aperitivo / Bar / Blues / Buffet / Burgers / Casual / Cocktails / Conversational / Couples / DJ / Dancers / Dancing / Early 20s / Friendly / Karaoke / Live Music / Locals / Mexican Food / Mexican Restaurant / Mid 30s / Musicians / Outdoor Area / Outgoing / Patio / Performance / Pizza / Rock / Salsa Dancing / Students / Young Professionals

Party Earth Review A Mexican bar and restaurant outfitted with the expected collection of flags, sombreros, and rugs, the colorful Cocorico and its friendly staff attract an outgoing clientele of local students and young professionals. Although the ceiling painted with a night sky and the little balconies and mock windows that protrude from the walls – complete with cowboy boots resting there cross-legged – are charming touches, the flickering lanterns that provide the sole source of light are the real secret behind the warm ambiance. Boisterous patrons indulge in exotic cocktails and conversation around the bar or enjoy a Mexican meal on the outdoor patio, while ... more


Via dei Latini, 74
00185 Rome

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