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Scholar's Lounge With its mahogany-paneled, high-ceilinged interior and low-key daytime crowd, Scholar's Lounge is a relaxing Irish pub with a laid-back atmosphere that becomes exuberantly busy by nightfall. Rome Italy 41.896194 12.4797033
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Scholar's Lounge - Irish Pub | Lounge in Rome.
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Party Earth Review With its mahogany-paneled, high-ceilinged interior and low-key daytime crowd, Scholar’s Lounge is a relaxing Irish pub with a laid-back atmosphere that becomes exuberantly busy by nightfall. Consisting of a single square... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily noon–3:30am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Scholar's Lounge Review

The Scene

With its mahogany-paneled, high-ceilinged interior and low-key daytime crowd, Scholar's Lounge is a relaxing Irish pub with a laid-back atmosphere that becomes exuberantly busy by nightfall.

With its mahogany-paneled, high-ceilinged interior and low-key daytime crowd, Scholar’s Lounge is a relaxing Irish pub with a laid-back atmosphere that becomes exuberantly busy by nightfall.

Consisting of a single square room reminiscent of a chapel, the bar does in fact feature wood taken from a church in Ireland, which helps give the place its decidedly Irish flavor.

Etchings of famous Irish scholars and poets line the walls as lanterns and Irish flags dangle from above to complete the look, while the English-speaking staff provides some of the friendliest service in Rome.

With an outgoing clientele of expats, students, co-workers, and travelers, Scholar’s Lounge is swinging every night and the festive atmosphere makes it easy to meet new people, share a pint with old friends, and even get a bit rowdy now and then.

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Tip from Emma:

Scholar’s is the late-night place to be during the week. Most bars close around 2am, but this place is open until 4am and is usually brimming with everyone who just couldn’t end the night that early!

  • Crowd

    English speakers from around the world, upbeat and cheerful, early 20s to late 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Rock, pop, and funk. Karaoke on Sundays and Tuesdays. Live Irish music/bagpipes once a week in summer, more often in winter. Check the website for information about the weekly pub quiz. TVs showing all major sports.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Varied menu features Irish and American dishes as well as homemade chicken curry, pizza, and nachos, served daily noon–10pm. Happy Hour M–F noon–8pm.

  • Prices

    Appetizers €4.50–€9.50, salads €6.50–€11, pizza €4.50–€7, desserts €5. Beer €4–€6, wine €4, cocktails €7.50–€9.50.

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  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Busy almost every night after 10pm, but most crowded Thursdays through Saturdays.

Scholar's Lounge User Reviews

Average rating:
Inside Scoop
Stephanie M. Jun 20, 2013
Welcome to Scholars! - an insider's perspective. Unlike the others who have posted here, I actually have more firsthand experience because I worked here. It's more than just some fun for the American students studying in Rome. There's a genuine Irish atmosphere that makes you forget you are in Italy, except for maybe listening to many of the Italians that like to frequent there. So if you'll let me, continue reading and I'll be your guide to Scholars. Real Irish. Yes, there are several truly Irish servers (I wasn't one of them, I'm American) and an Irish owner. Plenty of Irish beer, whiskey, food, and craic. What? Yes, I said craic (pronounced "crack') and it means "fun" in Irish. ;) Also, the potato chips are called "crisps" there (for all of my fellow Americans) and what they would typically call chips are simply "fries" or "patatine fritte" (in Italian) so as to not continue confusing everyone. Okay, let's start with your drink. While working one night I believe I counted 17 different beers on tap with an always changing Beer of the Week. This is more than you would find in most typical Italian bars. More importantly to me - a FULL BAR! There are a lot of spirits in this place. More than likely you will find what you normally drink. Except Rumple Minze, one of my favorites if I'm to do a shot of something strong that's not Jägermeister. I should talk to the management about this oversight. ;) Next is food. It's an Irish pub with a full menu. They serve until late (midnight Sun - Thurs, 1am Fri & Sat), but after 10pm you have to go upstairs to order. That's when all table service stops and you have to go to the bar to order your drinks as well. Now remember this is primarily a bar, not a fine dining restaurant. With that said, there are several items on the menu I have tried and some of my recommendations are any of the Irish dishes, the baguette or bagel sandwiches, and I also like the salads. I try to eat healthy, so remember most of the portions are big! When's happy hour? Weekdays until 8pm. Also, if you are an American student studying in Rome, be sure to bring your student id and tell the bartender when you order because there are a lot of drink specials for you that go on all night. Wednesday night is the "Student Night" when there are a few more that start after 11pm. There's always something going on at Scholars. With several TV screens in every area of the place you are bound to find some sporting event to satisfy you. If your game isn't on, ask a manager and usually they are able to accomodate your request. Late night entertainment can get lively with the karaoke nights - one of the best I've ever experienced anywhere, live music from cover bands to traditional Irish talents flown in directly from Ireland. I've always enjoyed the Irish talents there and the music bands are either really good or simply entertaining... I'll leave you to figure that one out. (Hint, they are sometimes Italians who can't speak English but play English music.) Almost time to go, but not so fast. They turn the lights on at 3:30am when they have to stop serving here. You'll get a few minutes to finish your drink as the bouncers kindly steer you towards the door. No, they will not give you a plastic cup either. Sorry. This concludes my tour of what you need to know about Scholars. My favorite part, you might be asking? That would be the people I have met there. The students that come in and always say hi to me, the regulars I've gotten to know (there's a big ex-pat community that go here), some of the local Italians that enjoy doing something different than what their culture typically provides, or the tourist who needs a break from pizza and pasta or just a cold beer while they rest their feet, I've enjoyed meeting them all and sharing in their stories of travel, adventure, or life. I could say more, but I think I've written all that really needs to be said about Scholars.
A fond memory.
ashley j. Jun 19, 2013
This was one of three first places I went out to in Rome...I had a good time, wayyy too much of a good time. The crowd was fun and a good mix of locals, people vacationing from all over, and American college students. Going to a club in Rome that isn't full of American college students is rare, so this was very surprising. There was a great selection of shots and drinks at what I remember being reasonable prices, a friendly and accommodating staff and great music all night long!
When In Rome...
Barrie C. Apr 26, 2013
Whether you're here for a few hours or a few days, Scholar's Lounge is the place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing! Divided into two separate venues, the lounge offers a variety of musical and drinking experiences. The smaller of the two rooms is used for live music such as rock and reggae bands. The live music is definitely worth checking out! Once you enter the larger section of the building, you will be amazed at how massive it actually is. Decorated in the style of a traditional Irish pub, Scholar's is a hot spot for American and Italian students. Be prepared to chug some beer and get chummy with the locals watching soccer on the many flat screen TVs. Scholar's Lounge is always fun, sometimes rowdy, and never boring!
A Little Slice of America in Rome
Shawn P. Apr 5, 2013
If you ever find yourself in Rome for an extended period of time and feel the homesickness start to set it, Scholar's Lounge is the place to get your fix. It has two rooms to appeal to whatever your mood is that night. If you want a relaxed night, you can chill by the bar in the front room, decked out with tv's for an American style. If you're feeling more energetic, party in the back where it's loud music and shots after shots. Once in a while they have a band come in to perform in the back room and it never disappoints. So whether you're trying to lay low with some friends or rock out all night, Scholar's has what you need.
Fun American Escape in Roma
Tasha G. Apr 1, 2013
Looking to find a taste of America in the heart of Rome? Welcome to Scholar's Lounge, a university student hot spot overridden with beers on tap and televisions galore to catch the best games. This place gets pretty crowded, but thankfully has two separate bars and private rooms/booths bordering the main room. It's an Irish pub, yes, but undoubtedly offers the typical U.S. sports bar feel. Although certainly not an authentic Italian venue, Scholars will help ease any American student's home least for the night, anyways!
Favorite bar in Rome!
Charlotte A. Dec 1, 2012
Scholar's Lounge was my favorite bar in Rome! The vibe is really fun and easy going. There are cheap drinks and a very nice staff. My friend lost her purse there and they kept it safe for her. Karaoke was incredibly fun and a great thing to experience - it's every Monday and Tuesday night! Definitely worth checking out.
Two different vibes; one solid party
Jennifer I. Nov 12, 2012
If you’re looking for a rollicking night out in Rome, look no further than Scholar’s Lounge (Via del Plebiscito, 101/b 00186 Rome). The name might sound collegiate and staid, but don’t be fooled. Scholar’s Lounge has it all: dancing, singing, decent priced drinks, a great mix of people from around the globe, a stage and plenty of tables for conversing in various languages. This pub contains two different areas: On the night this summer when I visited, the larger room was being used for Italian karaoke (trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Italian college students belting out heavy metal songs). Anyway, that part of the pub was bustling. From classic American rock ballads to Andrea Bocelli, the range of songs proved endless. While it was crowded, it wasn’t stifling, and you could easily maneuver from one area to another, without angering too many drunken youths. The second room was a bit more relaxed. No loud music (although you could certainly hear it from the other room), with plenty of tables and chairs to sit around and have a pint with your pals. The pub’s décor is traditional, with wood paneling and soft lighting, while the karaoke room had flashing lights and more of a disco feel. Whatever your preference, Scholar’s Lounge has got you covered.
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