Pigneto, Rome

Pigneto, Rome.
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Once a sleepy residential enclave, Pigneto experienced an influx of young and artsy residents that transformed the area into a thriving neighborhood full of hip new bars and galleries.

The main street of Via Pigneto features a mix of old dives and chic eateries where the only constant is the crowd of edgy, punk, and alternative types that fills the venues inside and out.

Although the district’s vibe and residents are similar to those of San Lorenzo, the rowdy scene is dominated by Rome’s hipsters, artists, and activists rather than by students.

Pigneto isn’t all about edgy bars, however – the neighborhood also boasts some more gentrified pockets with a few upscale locales that attract a clientele of lawyer types and business people looking to enjoy an upbeat night out in a trendy setting.


Where to Go in Pigneto

  • * Lo Yeti 30s / 40s / All Ages / Bar
  • * Necci 30s / 40s / Aperitivo / Buffet

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