Aperitivo in Monti, Rome

30s / 40s / Ambient / Aperitivo / Blues / Boisterous / Buffet / Conversational / Date Place / Funk / Groups / Italian Food / Italian Restaurant / Jam Packed / Jazz / Mid 20s / Overflowing / Pasta / Rock / Sandwiches / Smart Casual / Snack Food / Soul / Stylish / Wine / Wine Bar / Wine Lovers / Young Professionals

Ai Tre Scalini - Italian Restaurant | Wine Bar in Rome.

Party Earth Review Tucked away in an ivy-covered building off one of Monti’s most beautiful sloping streets is Ai Tre Scalini, a wildly popular wine bar and restaurant that attracts a stylish clientele of young professionals all year round. By day, the venue appears to be a quaint but unremarkable neighborhood bar full of the usual wood paneling ... more


Viminal Hill, 251
00184 Rome

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30s / 40s / Aperitivo / Blues / Buffet / Jazz / Jazz Bar / Live Band / Live Entertainment / Live Music / Live Music Venue / Locals / Lounge / Low key / Mid 20s / Music Lovers / Musicians / No cover charge / Open Mic / Performance / Regulars / Singer / Songwriter / Smart Casual / Theme Nights

Charity Café - Jazz Bar | Live Music Venue | Lounge in Rome.

Party Earth Review A cozy jazz lounge that makes the most of its limited space, Charity Café draws a continuous and loyal crowd of jazz lovers, musicians, and singers. The charming venue features two distinct seating areas separated by an arch, one slightly off to the left with a few couches facing the raised stage, and another situated directly ... more


Viminal Hill, 68
00184 Rome

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