Rome Lounges Overview

Salotto 42 - Lounge | Restaurant in Rome

Despite the fact that Rome isn’t exactly the party capital of Europe, Rome lounges manage to pack a good bit of diversity into the city’s nightlife scene. So for those looking for a mellow night, be it swanky or spendthrift, the lounges in Rome have a little something for everyone.

This is the city of the aperitivo, after all, when seemingly everyone in Rome gathers in the early evening to snack and sip and talk, so it makes sense that many denizens would like to carry that festive but mellow vibe long into the night. That’s where the Rome lounges come into play, especially along the largest nightlife areas in the city: Testaccio and Ostiense. In these two districts, a hip local clientele primes their future night on the dance floor by chilling in cool smoky jazz lounges or trance-filled DJ haunts, and it’s easy for anyone to find a relaxing watering hole along these neighborhoods’ winding streets to suit their tastes.

Though Testaccio especially can be pricey, those looking for budget-friendly lounges in Rome can hit up San Lorenzo – Solea lounge is an especially good bet for artsy kids pinching their pennies – or Trastevere, where quaint one-room lounges like Mr. Pucci are plentiful.

The Romans may have conquered half the world, but it seems these days they are content to chill at a plethora of lounges instead.

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