Rome Jazz Clubs Overview

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Anyone enjoying a jazz club in Rome these days ironically has World War I to thank for the privilege, as American soldiers who were stationed in Rome at the time are largely responsible for the introduction of jazz to this city. Although it took a while to catch on, jazz has since developed a major following in Rome (and throughout much of Italy), with several big clubs devoted entirely to jazz and scads of smaller bars that regularly host live jazz performances throughout the week.

Located in the center of the city, The New Orleans Jazz Café is often considered one of the best Rome jazz clubs, though music lovers definitely won’t want to miss Gregory’s Jazz Club either, a popular and intimate venue where the live jazz has an unmistakable Italian flair.

The unassuming Alexanderplatz Jazz Club is also a phenomenal – and entirely subterranean – jazz club, which has the exclusive vibe of a prohibition-era speakeasy and attracts an international crowd of sophisticated jazz enthusiasts, aspiring musicians, and local music students.

The Big Mama jazz club in Trastevere across the Tiber River is also a must, as Mama plays host to some of the best blues performers in Rome.

Finally, the Rome Jazz Festival that starts in mid-October is an annual celebration that has been going for nearly thirty years, drawing big name jazz musicians from the world of Italian jazz, European jazz, and even American jazz.

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