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Etabli - Café | Italian Restaurant | Wine Bar in Rome

Known around the world over, Italian coffee has well-deserved prestige, and what better place to have some than at the endless assortment of cafés in Rome! Italian coffee! Now there’s something that will put hair where you may or may not want it.

Countless cafés can be found on almost every corner in Rome. Usually Italians drink their coffee at the counter quickly before rushing off to some other place, instead of sitting at a table and cherishing every sip, which is only for tourists and the less busy Italians. And by less busy we mean dead, because there’s really no such thing.

Situated on a charming corner near Piazza Navona, and with Donato Bramante’s famous 16th-century temple tucked off to one side, the ivy-covered Caffè della Pace definitely stands out as a particularly romantic spot in a city full of picturesque nooks and crannies.

Ideally located in a corner of Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere, meanwhile, Café Friends is a lively bar regularly occupied by the swarms of people who descend on the square to peruse the offerings of the vendors and chat over drinks at the venue’s outdoor tables.

Casual to refined, Rome cafés have it all.

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