Rome Sports Bars Overview

The Bulldog Inn - Café | Pub | Sports Bar in Rome

Rome isn’t known for being the biggest party town in Europe, but its denizens are certainly passionate about their sports and they definitely support a nice selection of sports bars in Rome.

Competitive sports run the gamut from soccer to tennis to basketball, but there is undoubtedly no rivalry as contentious as the one between supporters of the Associazione Sportiva Roma and the Società Sportiva Lazio football clubs. When these two teams play, you are guaranteed to find Rome sports bars brimming with soccer fanatics chanting “Forza Forza Grande Lazio” and “Forza Forza Grande Roma” back and forth.

Historically, the urban city kids support the “lupi” – as A.S. Roma players are commonly known – while suburban residents lean towards the “lazial,” but it’s best to make sure which side the locals are on when catching the game at a sports bar in Rome before you celebrate or decry the next goal.

Rugby is also a local favorite, while several expat-owned establishments support other big European teams, especially the very popular Bulldog Inn that caters to a boisterous English-speaking crowd practically every night. Druid’s Rock is also an incredibly popular sports bar, packing in sports-loving patrons attracted by the foosball and pool tables, the frequent noisy bar games, and the dozen or so big-screen TVs where they can catch their favorite European sports.

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