Rome Cocktail Bars Overview

Gregory's Jazz Club - Italian Restaurant | Jazz Club | Live Music Venue | Whiskey Bar in Rome

Romans haven’t exactly gone off their rocker for the mixology craze – wine definitely still reigns supreme as the local drink of choice – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great Rome cocktail bars where you can sip something a little stronger or a little more unique.

One of the most popular cocktail bars in Rome is Fluid. Located in the Centro district, this trendy cocktail bar features a water-bubble light show outside played on miniature TVs embedded in the bar’s façade, while inside patrons find themselves hop-scotching across a glass-paned floor pressed against dark ink that moves this way and that as it’s displaced by the weight of the crowd. The cocktail list – one of the best in the city – features nine different types of mojitos, ten types of martinis, sixty types of vodka, and a plethora of perfectly blended fresh-fruit drinks like the popular Baileys Banana Colada.

Less trendy Rome cocktail bars are also easy to find as well. Gregory’s Jazz Club in Piazza di Spagna, for example, is a popular and intimate jazz venue/Italian restaurant that also offers a rather impressive selection of whiskey and whiskey cocktails, and La Pinta over in San Lorezno is a must for lover’s of rum (plus it was built to look like the hull of a ship, so you can drop a lot of pirate jokes that will actually be funny after a few sweet cocktails).

From pricey to cheap, Rome cocktail bars provide just enough diversity to keep city drinkers happy.

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