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Lucas' Favorites

PE Reviewer - Lucas Favorites
Accessories Aviator sunglasses and jeans
Drink Beer at night, sports drink in the morning
Party City Munich
Movie The Hangover, Animal House
Night Out Watching a major sporting event live, followed by drinking and flirting at the bars

Lucas' Personality Traits

The quintessential fun- loving, pub-crawling “guy’s guy,” Lucas generally prefers casual and rowdy bars with an active, outgoing crowd. But he’s not all about sports and beer – when Lucas is done watching the game with his boys, he’ll head to some trendier spots with mixed drinks, darker lighting, a flirtatious crowd, and maybe even a dance floor. By day, Lucas hangs out at the beach or plays in a friendly game of football in the park. His ultimate plan, however, is to barhop his way around the world in search of the best beer, the most beautiful girls, and the wildest parties he can find.

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