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Jonah's Favorites

PE Reviewer - Jonah Favorites
Accessories iPod and a book
Drink Whiskey
Party City Amsterdam
Movie The Big Lebowski, Almost Famous
Night Out Live music in an intimate underground club

Jonah's Personality Traits

It’s hard to find someone more easygoing than Jonah, an affable guy whose natural curiosity about people and cultures makes it easy for him to form friendships wherever he is. Laid back and outdoorsy, Jonah is all about hanging out and soaking up the vibe. Whether he’s playing music in the park, mountain biking in a remote location, or letting loose in an edgy, underground club, Jonah loves experiencing the alternative side to any scene. At the end of the day, Jonah seeks out quirky, casual, and eclectic scenes where he can chat with the regulars, get the scoop on local life, and listen to live music.

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