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Emma's Favorites

PE Reviewer - Emma Favorites
Accessories Notebook and a camera
Drink Sangria
Party City Florence
Movie Juno, Lost in Translation
Night Out Happy Hour with friends followed by a night of karaoke

Emma's Personality Traits

Lively, witty, and sociable, Emma is the quintessential “girl next door” with a positive attitude, a wry sense of humor, and a talent for finding the best deals in town. She’s thrifty, but that doesn’t stop her from having an excellent time as she always knows which bars have the best Happy Hour and which clubs don’t charge a cover. Though she’ll go anywhere, Emma tends to gravitate toward natural wonders, authentic restaurants, and festive bars. Smart and sassy with a bit of a wild side, she’ll start her day off doing yoga, hang around in museums and parks all afternoon, and then order rounds of margaritas at night.

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