Party Earth Reviewers

In order to maximize your social experiences in our cities, Party Earth has devised a unique review process to help you choose any venue or activity based on your own particular style, mood, tastes, interests, and preferences.

Our team of four reviewers – Lucas, Adriana, Jonah, and Emma – represent a broad range of people and play an integral part in helping you decide where to go and what to do. These reviewers are intended to represent you – or different facets of you.

They’re young and adventurous, hip or casual, energetic or mellow, on a budget or ready to splurge, impeccably dressed or hanging out in a t-shirt. Together, they provide ratings, advice, and recommendations on activities and hotspots that will appeal directly to you.

And for the best advice on places that are right for you, just pay particular attention to the suggestions of the reviewer (or reviewers) who most closely resembles you.

Reviewer Ratings

Lucas, Adriana, Jonah, and Emma rate each place from zero to four based on how well it meets his or her particular interests and standards. Once you know which reviewers share your preferences, you can choose or dismiss places based on their recommendations. The following ratings guideline is used in each review:

Do whatever you can to check this place out

You’ll really like it

You’ll have a decent time

Go only as a last resort

Avoid like the plague

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The quintessential fun- loving, pub-crawling “guy’s guy,” Lucas generally prefers casual and rowdy bars with an active, outgoing crowd. But he’s not all about sports and beer – when Lucas’s done watching the game with his boys, he’ll head to some trendier spots with mixed drinks, darker lighting, a flirtatious crowd, and maybe even a dance floor. By day, Lucas hangs out at the beach or plays in a friendly game of football in the park. His ultimate plan, however, is to barhop his way around the world in search of the best beer, the most beautiful girls, and the wildest parties he can find...

The epitome of a cosmopolitan girl, Adriana always seems to know the place to be. Energetic, sophisticated, and dressed to kill, she spends her nights at the hottest and hippest clubs and lounges, hobnobbing with the in-crowd and dancing until dawn. She has a decided flair for fashion and loves discovering the shopping, parties, and nightlife in any great city. So whether exploring charming boutiques in the morning, spending a long afternoon at a chic sidewalk café, or experiencing an “it” place at night, Adriana has the “insider’s” knowledge of where to go and how to get there in the most stylish way possible...

It’s hard to find someone more easygoing than Jonah, an affable guy whose natural curiosity about people and cultures makes it easy for him to form friendships wherever he is. Laid back and outdoorsy, Jonah is all about hanging out and soaking up the vibe. Whether he’s playing music in the park, mountain biking in a remote location, or letting loose in an edgy, underground club, Jonah loves experiencing the alternative side to any scene. At the end of the day, Jonah seeks out quirky, casual, and eclectic scenes where he can chat with the regulars, get the scoop on local life, and listen to live music...

Lively, witty, and sociable, Emma is the quintessential “girl next door” with a positive attitude, a wry sense of humor, and a talent for finding the best deals in town. She’s thrifty, but that doesn’t stop her from having an excellent time as she always knows which bars have the best Happy Hour and which clubs don’t charge a cover. Though she’ll go anywhere, Emma tends to gravitate toward natural wonders, authentic restaurants, and festive bars. Smart and sassy with a bit of a wild side, she’ll start her day off doing yoga, hang around in museums and parks all afternoon, and then order rounds of margaritas at night...

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