Paris Landmarks Overview

Père Lachaise Cemetery - Landmark in Paris

Check out some of the best landmarks in Paris – sure to make a Francophile out of you in no time.

At the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre, a pearly white facade contrasts the shadowy interior lit by rays of natural light filtered through ornate stained glass windows. You can enjoy the sweeping view of the city from the front steps, then cruise by the Cathedral of Notre-Dame later on. Flying buttresses are all the rage.

From the skirts of the Seine River that bisects the historic city, stroll along the Champs-Elysees to while away a sunny afternoon. Be warned: window shopping may be the only way to survive the prices of the chichi spots lining the road. Top off your alfresco ambulation with a visit to the monumental Arc de Triomphe – the views from the top make you realize how even such a massive structure is just a cog in the wheel of the bustling Parisian streets. And for an even higher vantage point, you can visit a “temporary” tower that has stood there since 1889.

Renowned for its history and architecture, Paris has some of the most recognized and most timeless landmarks outside of Rome.

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