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Breakfast in America Launched in 2003 by an American filmmaker living in Paris – who missed his eggs and bacon with a side of pancakes and decided to revolutionize the Parisian breakfast – Breakfast in America now serves breakfast, burgers, and... Paris France 48.8478047 2.3511713
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Breakfast in America - Restaurant in Paris.
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Party Earth Review Launched in 2003 by an American filmmaker living in Paris – who missed his eggs and bacon with a side of pancakes and decided to revolutionize the Parisian breakfast – Breakfast in America now serves breakfast, burgers... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 8:30am–11pm

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Breakfast in America Review

The Scene

Launched in 2003 by an American filmmaker living in Paris – who missed his eggs and bacon with a side of pancakes and decided to revolutionize the Parisian breakfast – Breakfast in America now serves breakfast, burgers, and...

Launched in 2003 by an American filmmaker living in Paris – who missed his eggs and bacon with a side of pancakes and decided to revolutionize the Parisian breakfast – Breakfast in America now serves breakfast, burgers, and bottomless mugs of coffee all day long to hungry students and hung-over partiers.

Usually packed and with a line out the door, Breakfast in America is a fun-loving, lively eatery featuring vintage American diner details like leather booths, chrome and red counter stools, 50s-era silver toasters, Route 66 signs, film posters, and other novelties. Patrons are greeted in English and presented with a sizable menu of American classics.

Tables turn over quickly at Breakfast in America, where the bustling, loud, and nostalgic atmosphere draws a continuous international crowd of all ages.

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Tip from Lucas:

If you’re in the Marais, check out Breakfast in America’s other location at 4 Rue Malher (Metro: Saint-Paul). It’s a little smaller though and you may have a long wait, but the food is just as good as the original.

  • Crowd

    A great mix of families, students, expats, tourists, and even a few French people with a newfound love of maple syrup.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient pop music.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu of American diner classics.

  • Prices

    Meals à la carte €5–€12, brunch €16. Beer €5+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Perfect for a home-style breakfast any day of the week, with particularly big crowds on American holidays.

Breakfast in America User Reviews

Average rating:
Aurelie H. Aug 2, 2013
I discovered this adress by a classroom mate. The place is really original. As a native parisien, I was pleasantly surprised by the 50-60's décoration. It remember to me the American way of life ! The menu is full with breakfast, burgers, desserts ! I couldn't resist to the BBQ burger with cheddar fries. This burger was just amazing with a big steak, salad, cheddar, tomatoe, pickles and BBQ sauce. Moreover, we served quickly. We seem to enjoy a burger in United States ! We can even train to speak in English because the order is in this language. Waiters are all différent backgrounds. Breakfast in American is cosmopolitan !
Great for any American feeling homesick or for anyone wishing to experience a diner atmosphere
Andrea M. Jun 2, 2013
Breakfast in America gives exactly what their name implies leaving any homesick American satisfied and feeling confident to go back out and conquer the City of Lights. The place offers traditional diner food of breakfast plates, hamburgers and root beer floats in a classic atmosphere of neon lights highlighting posters of Friends and Seinfeld. They even have a new milkshake on the menu in honor of the current President. The Obama shake will cure anyone missing the tasty mixture of peanut butter and chocolate. Don't be surprised to see more French speakers than Anglophones, as the restaurant attracts many locals wishing to taste classic diner cuisine. If you are student, bring your student card for a discounted lunch because your bill can add up quickly! The two locations make it easy to fix any American withdrawals or hangover on either side of the river. A must do for anyone who has been in the city awhile and needs a taste of home.
Excellent eats and a casually cheerful vibe
Jennifer K. Mar 29, 2013
With a mainly expat staff from the owner to the dishwashers, this place will make you feel at home. Whether you're looking for a cute date venue (think two straws in one root beer float) or, as other reviewers have mentioned, nursing an all-American hangover, this is your spot for comfort food and smiling waitstaff. The eggs and burgers are flawless, and the bottomless coffee will sort out even the worst symptoms of caffeine withdrawal and homesickness. Just try not to dwell on the cheeky translation of "jus de chaussettes."
Breakfast In America is a go-to brunch spot for everyone
Sophia H. Mar 20, 2013
I love this restaurant, and not just because I am American! In fact, Breakfast In America is frequented by just as many French people as it is by American travelers. What more could you want from an American joint than a superb burger, crunchy fries, friendly waitstaff, a relaxed atmosphere, and wait for it.... great prices? The last time I ate at Breakfast in America I ordered eggs, over easy, on a bagel with cheese and bacon because I was missing my usual Saturday breakfast sandwich. I'm happy to announce that it was exactly what I would expect from a breakfast sandwich, except for having to toast the bagel myself. I would have been happier if the bagel arrived in front of me completely ready to eat, not missing a step which I then had to do myself. If you like toasting, then you won't find a complaint at Breakfast in America. And, even though I do, I would still go any day to get my diner food fix!
Little gem
LEE R. Mar 19, 2013
This place was a little gem. Great tasting large amounts of food, good beer, good prices, what more can one ask for! Plus the staff are really cool and the setup of the building is unique; 2 buildings next door to each other that connect. I ate upstairs with 3 friends in the first building and had a great evening. The chilli burger was massive and delicious! Well recommended... This felt like a true American diner in an awesome are of Paris, lots of rad people around. Really liked it.
A haven for homesick expats and French anglophiles
Lauren W. Feb 21, 2013
Except for a few stray French touches (i.e. eggs on burgers, where they don't belong), BIA is pure greasy spoon diner, the kind you stumble into on a Sunday morning for endless coffee and big stacks of fluffy pancakes. No frills, no gourmet options--just good ol' American comfort food. If you're parched for native anglophone conversation, strike one up with your server. Most of the wait staff are expat drifters who can give you great intel on surrounding Paris thrills (often on the cheap) and some amazing stories. Try the pancakes--I haven't had their equal anywhere in Paris--with fixin's ranging from blueberries to white chocolate chips. And the milkshakes: equally as customizable as their American counterparts. Not cheap--especially when you think about what a real breakfast in America costs--but not prohibitively expensive. If you're an expat with a hankering for real American breakfast food and kitschy Americana decor (or you just want to hear a French person earnestly try to pronounce the phrase "Sunny Burger"), this is a sure bet.
Reunited (with American breakfast) and it feels so good
peyton w. Nov 24, 2012
I have come to appreciate the true beauty of an American breakfast while living abroad in France. I miss the crispy, honey-smoked bacon, the buttered pancakes drenched in maple syrup, and crunchy hash-browns. For the past two months, my so-called "breakfast" has consisted of various breads and a cup of green mint tea. It is hardly what I call a sufficient breakfast. I nearly burn off all of the calories just by walking to the metro to get to morning class. My craving for a true American breakfast, however, was recently satisfied when I was told by a friend about a restaurant that serves... you guessed it, American breakfast. For all of those who have not guessed by now, this amazing joint was called Breakfast in America. When my friend Missy and I entered BIA, we were instantly transported back in time to an American 50's diner. We were greeted by friendly English-speaking waitresses, which was a definite change from what we have grown accustomed to in Paris. I knew exactly what I wanted to order before I even looked at the menu. I absolutely LOVE omelets so I figured then was the opportune time to order my favorite: a Western Omelet and home fried potatoes. The price was fairly reasonable at about 9 Euro, and the omelet and potatoes were definitely filling. Did I mention they were delicious? My taste-buds were jumping for joy with each savoring bite. The omelet was filled with chunks of ham, green pepper and onion, and the potatoes were crisp to perfection. Missy's meal was a little different. She ordered off the student menu and got pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast and a drink all for about 10 Euro. We both enjoyed our American breakfast and we will definitely be making a round two back to BIA for another delicious brunch. It is funny how simple things like food can remind you of home even if you are a world away.
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