Paris Irish Pubs Overview

Guinness Tavern - Live Music Venue | Irish Pub in Paris

Anyone in need of great Irish pubs in Paris won’t have to wait long before they satiate that craving thanks to the bounty of shamrock-laden bars in the City of Light. All sorts of Irish pubs are here, from rowdy dens that cater mostly to young expats all the way down to quiet local’s joints with an older clientele of folks who appreciate the traditional Irish pub vibe.

Corcoran's Irish Pub in the Latin Quarter – despite being absolutely enormous – still manages to maintain the charm of a neighborhood pub, while The Fifth Bar over in the 5th Arrondissement (two guesses where the bar gets its name) is a tiny Irish pub that epitomizes a rowdy dive, much to the appreciation of its primarily English-speaking patrons.

It’s hard to deny the Gaelic-influence on Guinness Tavern, an Irish-style pub that has been serving up cold beer and hard music every night since the mid-80s, while The Quiet Man in the center of town is usually as laid-back as its name implies despite offering up a healthy dose of live music as well.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself if you’re in Paris on St. Patrick’s Day, however, as even non-traditional Irish pubs tend to cash in on the revelry inherent to this booze-heavy celebration.

So whether you think the best pubs offer genuine ambiance and varied brews or a chance to drink too much Guinness and pee in a pot of gold, Paris Irish pubs provide.

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