Pigalle - 9eme, Paris.
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Essentially Paris’ red light district, Pigalle is certainly the city’s most mischievous neighborhood.

Although the famous Parisian cabarets of Montmartre overflow into the neighborhood, Pigalle is dominated by strip clubs and sex shops whose proprietors are well versed in enticing passersby to enter their establishments.

Unfortunately, many places prey on foreigners and are known to use bait and switch tactics, luring customers in with free promotions and then charging them exorbitant fees for drinks and “other” services.

Despite this less than glamorous dynamic, Pigalle does have its share of energetic clubs that keep the party going all night long on the weekends, and visitors can expect to find a rowdy and edgier crowd sporting tattoos, chains, and wild hairstyles.


Where to Go in Pigalle - 9eme

  • * La Fourmi 20s / 30s / Alternative / Artists
  • * Le Carmen 20s / 30s / Blazers / Button-downs

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