Paris Neighborhoods

Champs-Élysées - 8eme

Champs-Élysées - 8eme, Paris

A fashionable locale for strolling since the 1700s, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, which starts at the Place de la Concorde and ends at the Arc de Triomphe, is a main thoroughfare generally clogged with tourists ... more

Montmartre - 18eme

Montmartre - 18eme, Paris

An intriguing mix of the charming and the seedy, Montmartre is a distinctly bohemian neighborhood legendary for its artist residents, which have included Monet, Dalí, and Picasso. Artists still bring their pads ... more


19eme, Paris

The 19th arrondissement has seen its appeal broaden considerably in recent years, with two sprawling parks, a very popular museum, and lots of cool new nightlife venues springing up in converted historic buildings. ... more


13eme, Paris

Tourism has largely failed to make its way to Paris’ 13th arrondissement, but no one should assume the lack of sight-seeing – unless one counts the plethora of high-rise apartment buildings – precludes a visit, ... more

Les Halles / Rivoli - 1er / 2eme

Les Halles / Rivoli - 1er / 2eme, Paris

In the 1970s, one of Paris’ oldest open-air markets was transformed into a shopping community known as Les Halles. Although the area – which extends to the popular Rue Montorgueil that was immortalized by Claude ... more

Saint Germain - 6eme

Saint Germain - 6eme, Paris

The stylish and elegant home to Paris’ bourgeoisie, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, as it is officially known, offers a café lifestyle and boutique shopping. Popular in the 40s and 50s with writer Jean-Paul Sartre and ... more

Marais - 3eme / 4eme

Marais - 3eme / 4eme, Paris

Mix Paris’ historically Jewish quarter with a thriving gay community and the result is the Marais, a dynamic neighborhood where it’s easy to find both great bagels and fine clothing boutiques. By day, the many ... more

Pigalle - 9eme

Pigalle - 9eme, Paris

Essentially Paris’ red light district, Pigalle is certainly the city’s most mischievous neighborhood. Although the famous Parisian cabarets of Montmartre overflow into the neighborhood, Pigalle is dominated by ... more

Latin Quarter - 5eme

Latin Quarter - 5eme, Paris

The Latin Quarter, named for the Sorbonne students who used to practice their Latin in the cafés, has remained a vibrant community thanks largely to the thousands of French and international students who live, work, ... more

Bastille / Oberkampf - 11eme

Bastille / Oberkampf - 11eme, Paris

Originally the site of a prison that was famously stormed in the eighteenth century, marking the beginning of the French Revolution, the Bastille neighborhood now teems with bars lined up one after the other, as well ... more

Montparnasse - 14eme

Montparnasse - 14eme, Paris

Spotting the 14th arrondissement is easy from practically any vantage point in Paris thanks to the Tour Montparnasse, a 700-foot skyscraper that looms from the neighborhood’s north corner. Although it’s primarily ... more

Canal St. Martin - 10eme

Canal St. Martin - 10eme, Paris

The 10th arrondissement is best-known as the home of the Canal Saint-Martin, a roughly three-mile-long canal originally built by Napoleon in the early 1800s to help increase the city’s fresh water supply. These ... more

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