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Bus Palladium Looking for concerts at Bus Palladium in Paris? Check out Party Earth for schedules, updates, photos, videos, and more for this one-of-a-kind concert venue! Paris France 48.880736 2.334856
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Bus Palladium - Concert Venue | Nightclub in Paris.
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INFO Pigalle club Bus Palladium has hosted countless parties since its opening in 1965, but certain famous partygoers stand out: The venue quickly became a place-to-be thanks to frequenting scenesters like Salvador Dalí and... ... read more

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    20s, 30s, Alternative, Beer, Bohemian, Casual, Coat Check, Cocktails, Concerts, Cover charge, Creative, Crowded, DJ, Dance Floor, Diverse, Dresses, EDM, Edgy, Expats, Expensive, Festive, Funky, Good for Groups, Groups, Happy Hour, High Energy, Hippies, Hipster, Hipster Style, International, Jeans and Heels, Live Music, Locals, Moderate, Mojitos, Music Lovers, No Smoking, Non-mainstream, Outgoing, Party, Rock, Rocker Chic, Rockers, Street Parking, Tough Door, Tourists, Trendy Casual, Trendy Crowd, Weekend Warriors

Bus Palladium Videos

Recoil - shunt (live @ Bus Palladium - 23 avril 2010)
Recoil - shunt (live @ Bus Palladium - 23 avril 2010)
Usain Bolt freestyle dancing - 06/07/2011 - Bus Palladium - Soyons Sport
DJ Muggs @ Bus Palladium (Paris, France)
Brendan Perry The carnival is over Paris Bus Palladium 19.03.2010
Brendan Perry "Medusa" Paris Bus Palladium 19.03.2010 HD
Drama Queen - VADEL au Bus Palladium
Recoil - drifting / strange hours (live @ Bus Palladium - 23 avril 2010)
Airnadette bus palladium
Besnard Lakes Thomasina @ Bus Palladium
strepteaseuse complet bus palladium
Cendrillon - Louis Bertignac Bus Palladium Paris (2011.02.02)
Besnard Lakes Chicago Train @ Bus Palladium Paris 2010
Lexicon @ Bus Palladium (Paris) - October 2010
Bigmoneymakers - Tired to get fired @ Bus Palladium | By Isatagada
Interviews des acteurs de Bus Palladium

Bus Palladium Information

Bus Palladium - Concert Venue | Nightclub in Paris.

Pigalle club Bus Palladium has hosted countless parties since its opening in 1965, but certain famous partygoers stand out: The venue quickly became a place-to-be thanks to frequenting scenesters like Salvador Dalí and the Beatles. Mick Jagger even hosted his birthday there. And the club will forever be immortalized through Telephone's first album, songs of which were recorded there in 1977, as well as Serge Gainsbourg's 1966 song "Qui est in? qui est out?" that references the club.

Parties at Bus Palladium are as happening as ever. The ground floor entrance leads directly into a small-ish club hosting both live sets and DJ nights. On the first floor, an airy restaurant serves up Argentinian steaks, organic salmon, grilled Italian vegetables, and more (Tuesday-Saturday, from 8pm on). As the hours tick by, tables are pushed back and the cozy, rock and roll-style space – mounted guitars and musician headshots line the vintage wallpaper – transforms into a lounge/club, with either a DJ or live entertainment. The two floors combined have a capacity of 800 people.

The name of the club eludes both to former New York dancehall Palladium and to a bus that transported people living in the suburbs to the club back in the '70s.

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Calling all rock music lovers!
Amanda D. Mar 25, 2013
My Take: Calling all rock music lovers and weekend warriors. Make your way to Bus Palladium! Located in the Pigalle quartier, a tourist area with a raunchy reputation, sex shops and home of the Moulin Rouge, it’s the perfect night time spot for those tired of typical Parisian clubs. Wait your turn in line and cross your fingers you make it past the strict door to the unforgettable party inside. With a busy event schedule, there are concerts, live bands or DJs to look forward to every weekend. The Scene: The crowd at Bus Palladium is very diverse. There’s a nice mix of locals and expats. Everybody has 2 things in common; they love rock music and they came to have a good time. During concerts, Bus Palladium turns into a riot! It’s hot and crowded, and everybody feeds off the high energy. Wear your dancing shoes because the DJ’s will keep you on the dance floor with a good mix of rock and pop until the early hours of the morning. Cocktails and cuisine: There are 2 bars, both with limited menus. One bar is exclusively for cocktails such as mojito, long island ice tea, blue lagoon and the cocktail of the day. The other bar serves beer. Prices: Bus Palladium is expensive. There’s a cover charge that depends on when you go there and what event/concert they have that night. Cocktails: 14€ Cocktail of the day: 12€ Shots: 6€ Beer: From 5€ What to wear: Impress the doorman! Trendy casual, chic rock, funky, hipster style. Insider info/When to go: Find the event schedule on their website or facebook page.
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