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Prescription Cocktail Club - Bar | Lounge | Speakeasy in Paris

If lounging is an art form – and don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t – Paris lounges would bedazzle every critic out there. This is the City of Light, where romance blooms over bottles of wine and perfectly coifed Parisians settle in for a few calm hours before heading out to dance the night away.

It doesn’t matter what kind of evening expedition you are in the mood for, for lounges in Paris are sure to offer a vibe (and a price point) for everyone. The trendiest denizens usually start their evening at one of the ritzy lounges in Rivoli or along the always fashion-conscious Champs-Élysées, but those looking for a more casual lounge experience in Paris will easily find it in the northeastern districts, including Ménilmontant, Belleville, and Canal St. Martin, where a fun mix of cool underground lounges stay busy long into the night.

Known for its beautiful historic architecture, it’s no surprise that many lounges have set up shop inside buildings that have stood the test of time for hundreds of years, so while you sip a glass of wine inside a Paris lounge chances are good a famous person sat in that same spot decades – maybe even centuries –ago.

From the amazing cocktails at Prescription Cocktail Club to the festive fusion at Ave Maria to the grand exclusivity of Le 1515, Paris doesn’t disappoint when it comes to enabling fun mellow evenings, and Paris lounges are the perfect place to find just that.

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