Les Halles / Rivoli - 1er / 2eme, Paris.
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In the 1970s, one of Paris’ oldest open-air markets was transformed into a shopping community known as Les Halles.

Although the area – which extends to the popular Rue Montorgueil that was immortalized by Claude Monet – is still home to fruit and vegetable markets, cheese shops, and bakeries, the steady crowd of students, local workers, and young professionals are also attracted by Les Halles’ easygoing vibe and wide array of bars, modern speakeasies, and upscale lounges.

At the base of Les Halles is Rue de Rivoli, which leads to the 1st arrondissement in the heart of Paris and the world-famous Louvre museum.

Dominated by museumgoers during the day, by night Rue de Rivoli is alive with a well-dressed crowd of jet-setters, clubbers, international travelers, and the occasional celebrity, all vying for a place at one of Rivoli’s exclusive velvet-roped clubs.


Where to Go in Les Halles / Rivoli - 1er / 2eme

  • * Bar 8 20s and up / 30s / 40s / Affluent
  • * Rex Club 20s / 30s / Bottle Service / Casual
  • * Twinkie 20s / 20s / 30s / 30s / 40s / 40s

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