Nightlife Areas in the Latin Quarter - 5eme, Paris

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Rue de la Huchette - Nightlife Area in Paris.

Party Earth Review One of the oldest streets on the Left Bank, Rue de la Huchette is a narrow pedestrian passageway full of eateries and bars that lends itself nicely to a good old-fashioned pub crawl. Although Huchette is best known for its numerous Greek restaurants whose owners sometimes stand outside shattering plates to attract customers ... more


Rue de la Huchette
75005 Paris

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All Ages / All Types / Bars / Casual / Chinese Food / Diverse / Free / French Food / Greek Food / International / Italian Food / Japanese Food / Locals / Nightlife Area / Picnic / Restaurants / Shopping / Shopping Area / Smart Casual / Square / Street Performers / Students / Sunset / Tourists

Blvd. Saint-Michel and Environs - Nightlife Area | Shopping Area | Square in Paris.

Party Earth Review The Latin Quarter around Blvd. Saint-Michel is named after the students of the Sorbonne who have populated the area since the thirteenth century, in the days when they spoke the scholarly language of Latin. Not much has changed in the last eight hundred years, since the area remains dedicated to and populated by students ... more


Blvd. Saint-Michel and Environs
75005 Paris

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